17 success mantras by MS Dhoni will give motivation to all

Read here 17 success mantras said by Ms dhoni, which will give motivation to all of us. Ms Dhoni, who is known as captain cool and best finisher of Indian Cricket. He is the most successful captain in Indian Cricket.

He is the winning captain of the 2 ICC World Cup. 2007 ICC T20 World Cup and 2011 ICC World Cup. Let’s read 17 lines of Success Mantras from MS Dhoni.

MS Dhoni Success Mantras

  1. “Being prepared will always keep you cool.” ― MS Dhoni
  2. “Once job security enters the frame you really have to weigh everything carefully.” ” ― MS Dhoni
  3. “If you are honest with yourself, you will make good decisions.” ― MS Dhoni
  4. “What works for me is to keep things simple in life.” ― MS Dhoni
  5. “To become a great sporting nation you can’t be result-oriented.” ― MS Dhoni
  6. “If you don’t play any sports when you are young, you are not going to pick it up at 30.” ― MS Dhoni
  7. “It is important for schools and parents to push for sports and that is how we will win medals in the Olympics.” ― MS Dhoni
  8. “If you come from a middle-class family job security is very important. It can be a tough decision to choose between job security and your dream.” ― MS Dhoni
  9. “I lived in the moment, I kept working hard. I never expected to get a call for the Indian cricket team in the very next meeting.” ― MS Dhoni
  10. “Being a girlfriend and boyfriend, okay, you are talking on the phone most of the time, but being together for 24 hours, you have to change your lifestyle.” ― MS Dhoni
  11. “What I learned from my senior players was how to be humble, how to conduct yourself when you’re successful, and how to figure your way out of tough times.” ― MS Dhoni
  12. “I took captaincy as a job responsibility. I was given a certain role in the team and whatever I had to do to fulfill that role, I did.” ― MS Dhoni
  13. “The best thing about the senior players was that with their experience they had a lot of ideas and suggestions to give me.” ― MS Dhoni
  14. “There are better ways for me to get the best out of an individual than going up to him and telling him this is what needs to be done in a stern tone.” ― MS Dhoni
  15. “As humans, we can be very open and expressive but we are also very secretive about certain things. So, it has to be a trial and error thing.” ― MS Dhoni
  16. “Fitness is very important and difficult to maintain given the amount of cricket we play.” ― MS Dhoni
  17. “Childhood is the time which is essentially the foundation stone of life. What you learn in childhood is what you will take with you going forward in life.” ― MS Dhoni

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