20 things know about Dangal on Women Empowerment

Dangal is an Indian Biological film based on sports and women empowerment. The storyline of Dangal is, Mahavir Singh Phogat, a former wrestler, decides to fulfill his dream of winning a gold medal for his country by training his daughters for the Commonwealth Games despite the existing social stigmas. Here 20 things know about Dangal on Women Empowerment by Aamir Khan.

Dangal on Women Empowerment

Our boys can bring medals home. But no one is supporting. Neither money, nor facilities. How will our boys win a medal?

Building a good body does not make a wrestler. Wrestling runs in the blood.

Motivational speech from Dangal on women empowering

Wrestling gave me respect, fame. But it could not give me Money.

Every wrestler dreams of bringing honour and glory to the country. But if the country offers no support, how far can a wrestler go?

What I could not do, our son will do. He will win gold for our country.

Gold is always gold. whether a boy wins it or a girl.

Motivational speech from Dangal on women empowering

You think our girls any lesser than boys!

Let me try a year, for this one year, you bury your feelings. If I am proven wrong, I will bury my dream forever.

Always respect your mother earth. The more you respect it, The more respect you will get in return.

Motivational speech from Dangal on women empowering

At one time, I can either be their coach or their father. when the coach is at work, the has to make backseat.

I will make our girls so capable, that boys will not choose them, they will choose boys!

Motivational speech from Dangal on women empowering

Whatever I am doing is for their best. Anything that distracts them from wrestling, I will get rid of!

Motivational speech from Dangal on women empowering

I wish God had given to me such a father. At least your father thinks about you. Otherwise our reality is, the moment a girl is born, teach her to cook and clean, make her do all the household chores. And, once she terms 14, marry her off, get rid of the “burden”! And handover to a man, whom she has never seen before, make her bear children and raise them. At least your father considers you his child. He is fighting against the whole world . He is silently tolerating their taunts. Why? So that you can have a future, a life. What is he doing wrong.

Medallist do not grow on trees. You have to nurture them. With love, with hard work, with passion.

Motivational speech from Dangal on women empowering

Each round consists of 2 minutes. However there are 120 seconds in these 2 minutes. Wait for that one second when the opponent makes mistake.

You have to fight in a way that people remember you.

If you win silver, sooner or later you will be forgotten. If you win gold, you will became an example. And examples are given, not forgotten.

If you win tomorrow, you will not win alone. Millions of girls will win along with you. It will be a victory for every girl who is considered inferior to boys; who is forced into household chores, who is married off to just raise children.

Remember, “your father won’t be there to save you every time”. I can only teach you to fight. But you have to fight yourself.

You have to play with the opponents mind. Fake a move, but make another.

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