17 30th Wedding Anniversary Wishes And Messages

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Get a collection of 30th wedding anniversary wishes and messages.

30th Wedding Anniversary Wishes And Messages

1. 3 decades is not enough for me; I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I wish you a very happy 30th wedding anniversary, my dear.

2. Dear parents, thank you for giving us such a lovely example of marriage to follow. Happy 30th anniversary.

3. Happy 30th anniversary to the best parents. I want nothing but the best for you.

4. Happy anniversary to the most wonderful person on earth. You really don’t know how amazing you are. The pearl is gone; Want Diamond Jubilee.

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5. Happy anniversary to the person who believed in me when no one else did, the person who was with me when no one else was, and most importantly, the person who loved me when I was unattainable.

6. I am as excited today as I was 30 years ago. Love you, my heart out, my love. Best wishes for our marriage.

7. I consider myself lucky to be the child of a perfect couple on earth. Happy 30th anniversary to mom and dad.

8. It is an honor to be your wife and celebrate such a beautiful milestone in your relationship with you. Lots of love on our 30th wedding anniversary.

9. Let us celebrate this beautiful day of our holy union. I am so happy to be your wife for 30 years and want more of these. happy n.

10. Living with me for 30 years in a row is not an easy task. I wish I could give you a medal for this. Lots of love and hugs. happy n.

11. Many people have searched but never found the kind of love between you two. May love and happiness be with you both. Happy 30th anniversary mom and dad!

12. May the sun never set in your married life. Many many wishes to you both on this special day. happy n.

13. On this important day, I send you my warmest congratulations and best wishes. Happy pearl wedding anniversary.

14. Thirty years is not enough for me; I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy 30th anniversary.

15. Wishing my sweetest couple a very happy 30th anniversary! May your wonderful family always be filled with peace, prosperity and joy!

16. You two are my best inspiration ever. Cheers to you favorite couple on your pearl wedding anniversary.

17. You two have shown how living together can make even the most difficult aspects of life enjoyable and simple. Happy 30th anniversary.