17 Best 40th Anniversary Wishes And Messages

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Get a collection of 40th anniversary wishes and messages.

40th Anniversary Wishes And Messages

1. At this point, a year is only 1/40th of your total marriage. Your next year together is only one part of your marriage, but we know it will be a lovely one.

2. Congratulations on completing 40 years of a successful journey. You both made this trip amazing!

3. Forty years seems difficult, but with you, I have enjoyed every moment of my journey. Being with you makes my life so wonderful that I feel like I am living my dream. Happy wedding anniversary Ruby!

4. Happy wedding anniversary and best wishes to my lady behind my success, happiness and joy. i love you!

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5. I suggest that we celebrate our 40 years together, do what we love to do best, spend time together.

6. I thought that I love you as much as I could in 30 years, but I am finding that I love you more with each passing decade.

7. Let’s recall our sweet memories of the journey of forty years! Happy 40th anniversary, my dear.

8. Living together for forty years is not easy but look at your side. You both made this journey so smooth and beautiful. Mom and Dad, Happy 40th Anniversary.

9. Ruby Wedding Anniversary wishes to the best couple. Congratulations to both of you on completing forty years together.

10. Thank you for 40 years of commitment despite my mistakes.

11. The bond you share is one of love, care and support- congratulations on 40 years of togetherness.

12. There is nothing sweeter than falling in love with you and celebrating our long journey together. It’s been four decades with you, but it feels like yesterday. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary, Dear.

13. Together, we’ve passed the Silver, Pearl, and now Ruby Jubilee! Happy 40th anniversary, my dear.

14. We have grown so much together in the last 40 years that I cannot imagine life without you.

15. We hope your 40th is even better than your 39th!

16. What advice can I give you after 40 years? You can teach a class on marriage.

17. Your marriage is bigger than people who are in their 30s. Does this mean you got married as kids? You don’t look that old.