90+ MS Dhoni Success Quotes words everyone should read

Hello, everyone, Read about MS Dhoni Success Quotes and words which will motivate you all. Before you read about Success quotes of MS Dhoni, Here is the short info about Him.

Who is MS Dhoni?

Ms Dhoni is the most successful Captain in Indian Cricket. His full name is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Born on 7th July 1981 in Ranchi, Bihar (now Jharkhand). Under his captaincy, India won the 2007 ICC World T20 World Cup and 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

His journey from Childhood to Cricket and his cricket career is a motivational journey. He is popularly known as “Captain Cool” due to his calmness in the cricket field. He also is known as Best Finisher in Cricket.

So, here is the list of 90+ MS Dhoni Success Quotes which will motivate you and give success in your life.

MS Dhoni Success Quotes

“Being prepared will always keep you cool.” ― MS Dhoni

“Whether you are a student or a pro athlete you have to get into the zone. The zone is a state of performing with zero friction. Practice and preparation will always help you perfect your skills and get you in the zone. If your skills go up, stress goes down.” ― MS Dhoni

“My father said to me: “If you’ve studied and worked throughout the year, then there’s no problem if you go off to play today. If you haven’t studied every day then one day is not going to make a difference.” ― MS Dhoni

“It might appear to some people that I am going with my gut, but I have done a lot of research, put careful thought into probable outcomes.” ” ― MS Dhoni

“The more you pay attention to the outcome of trusting your intuition in combination with studied facts, the better your decision-making.” ” ― MS Dhoni

“Once job security enters the frame you really have to weigh everything carefully.” ” ― MS Dhoni

“Sometimes you can definitely use criticism to give yourself a competitive edge.” ” ― MS Dhoni

“If you are honest with yourself, you will make good decisions.” ― MS Dhoni

“What works for me is to keep things simple in life.” ― MS Dhoni

“Cricket is a simple sport: You see the ball, you hit the ball. But you can make it complex: is it an inswing or an outswing, is it a yorker or a bouncer? You can keep on adding layers of complexity to the game and this applies to your life too.” ― MS Dhoni

“You can’t get results with a short-term approach to sports.” ― MS Dhoni

“Money doesn’t directly translate into gold medals in the Olympics. How it works is that nation have to build infrastructure, provide nutritional information and then spot talented athletes, supporting them financially and with first-class training, coaching and scientific expertise.” ― MS Dhoni

“To become a great sporting nation you can’t be result-oriented.” ― MS Dhoni

“When I interact with children in school nowadays and ask who plays football? There are a lot of hands. Then I point out that I am not referring to playing FIFA online. Immediately a lot of hands go down.” ― MS Dhoni

“Parents are happy sometimes to let their children play video games all the time, but they must think of their child’s fitness.” ― MS Dhoni

“If you don’t play any sports when you are young, you are not going to pick it up at 30.” ― MS Dhoni

“It is important for schools and parents to push for sports and that is how we will win medals in the Olympics.” ― MS Dhoni

“With enough passion for sports, I am sure we can become a good sporting nation.” ― MS Dhoni

“If you come from a middle-class family job security is very important. It can be a tough decision to choose between job security and your dream.” ― MS Dhoni

“Most of the people in India thought we would win the World Cup because we are hosting it. If you see the stats you see that the host country had never won the World Cup before this edition.” ― MS Dhoni

“Very often what is important is to realize what went wrong, not only when you are losing a series or a game, but also when you are winning a series; when you need to realize which are the areas you need to work on.” ― MS Dhoni

“World cup winning moment: It’s very difficult to control emotion. I was controlling myself. I wanted to quickly go up to the dressing room, and I saw two of my players crying and running to me. All of a sudden, I started crying, and I looked up and there was a huddle around me.” ― MS Dhoni

“I love being in the present. When I was playing for my school, the only thing I wanted to do was get selected for the Under-16 or the Under-19 district teams. When I was selected for the district I would think about the next level, which was getting selected for the stateside.” ― MS Dhoni

“I’m a person who lives very in the moment. I never thought that I would represent my country one day. Now I’m leading my country, so it’s like a fairytale.” ― MS Dhoni

“I lived in the moment, I kept working hard. I never expected to get a call for the Indian cricket team in the very next meeting.” ― MS Dhoni

“I love to go back to Ranchi. I have three dogs at home. Even after losing a series or winning a series, they treat me the same way. Getting up quite late in the morning, going to clean my bikes, spending some time with my family, my parents and friends, going out for rides with my friends and having lunch or dinner at a roadside hotel – that’s my favorite time-pass.” ― MS Dhoni

“I have three dogs at home. Even after losing a series or winning a series, they treat me the same way.” ― MS Dhoni

“Being a girlfriend and boyfriend, okay, you are talking on the phone most of the time, but being together for 24 hours, you have to change your lifestyle.” ― MS Dhoni

“It is very important to stay focused, have short-term goals, not look too much in the future, If you don’t really have a dream, you can’t really push yourself, you don’t really know what the target is.” ― MS Dhoni

“It’s very important to realize at the right time what you are good at, whether you’re good at cricket or any other sport or at studies. If you are good at studies and you want to play cricket, you may work harder than any other person but you may not achieve it. So it’s something you have to balance in life.” ― MS Dhoni

“I felt it’s always important not to think whom you are leading. More important is what needs to be done, and to channelize the kind of resources you have to accomplish the target, to be successful at what you are supposed to achieve.” ― MS Dhoni

“There’s someone like Sachin Tendulkar, who is a part of the side, whom most of the individual cricketers look up to. And not to forget Amitabh Bachchan, who has been the biggest thing when it comes to Bollywood, and he has known the world over. So if you look at him, still, at his age, he is working and being among the best. So these are the two people who are ideal role models, who have struggled through their phases in life and yet come out successful.” ― MS Dhoni

“It is difficult to summarise the journey in five minutes but it surely has been a very eventful one.” ― MS Dhoni

“Once you’re made the captain you don’t know how long you’re going to remain there and it’s been seven long years for me.” ― MS Dhoni

“From being fortunate to get a very good side as a young captain to now leading this exciting team in a transitional phase – it has been a fantastic ride.” ― MS Dhoni

“I have learned so many things during this period, not only about cricket but about life. When it comes to cricket, we went to different places as a team, had very good performances, and some really bad ones.” ― MS Dhoni

“Cricket teaches you a lot in life, especially during difficult times. It enriches your character in terms of how you behave when you’re down and not only try to improve yourself but help your teammates as well.” ― MS Dhoni

“You make sure that your team doesn’t feel that extra pressure by avoiding whatever can be avoided. As the leader, you have to protect your team from any negativity that creeps in during these times. These have been very educational seven years of my life.” ― MS Dhoni

“The way I play my cricket, my subconscious mind works more than the conscious mind. And for me, it was never about consciously grasping things from the captain but subconsciously taking in certain personality traits or qualities from every individual that was part of the team.” ― MS Dhoni

“When I started to play for India, I was extremely lucky to have a very good bunch of senior players around me to inculcate things from. What they taught me cannot be restricted to the captaincy box because it was much more than that.” ― MS Dhoni

“What I learned from my senior players was how to be humble, how to conduct yourself when you’re successful, and how to figure your way out of tough times.” ― MS Dhoni

“Captaincy is a very small aspect of my life as a cricketer and their impact on me as a person has been much bigger.” ― MS Dhoni

“I took captaincy as a job responsibility. I was given a certain role in the team and whatever I had to do to fulfill that role, I did.” ― MS Dhoni

“Even during the fag end of their careers, senior players helped me as a captain by setting an example for the younger guys coming in. The young boys learned from them what it takes to succeed at international cricket and they were groomed under them. At the same time, they understood how important it is to maintain their own individuality because of which they were in the team. It’s the individual characters that shape the character of the team.” ― MS Dhoni

“The best thing about the senior players was that, with their experience, they had a lot of ideas and suggestions to give me.” ― MS Dhoni

“I was very fortunate to have the kind of senior players around me. Because of them, I was able to be myself and develop my own style of captaincy.” ― MS Dhoni

“Although I am leading a young team, I don’t like to give a plan that the bowler is not comfortable implementing.” ― MS Dhoni

“I might want a bowler to bowl a particular length but it could be difficult for him to bowl that length 80 percent of the time. So I let the bowlers start off with their own plan and own fields and encourage them to think for themselves.” ― MS Dhoni

“If I give them [Young bowler] a plan, they will take it and keep bowling in the same way without thinking. And tomorrow when they’re on their own, they won’t know what to do. So, I let them execute their plan and when it doesn’t work, I step in with alternate suggestions. That way they understand why their plan didn’t work, they discover what works for them, and their overall knowledge about their game improves.” ― MS Dhoni

“I feel being part of Indian cricket or managing cricket in India is not a 100 percent professional and pragmatic job. We Indians are much more emotional as compared to people from some of the other countries. We run on emotions.” ― MS Dhoni

“There are better ways for me to get the best out of an individual than going up to him and telling him this is what needs to be done in a stern tone.” ― MS Dhoni

“I don’t think that a captain and a coach have any real influence on each other’s style or thinking. But I do feel that the coach and the captain should always be on the same page.” ― MS Dhoni

“The captain might not be convinced about something and he will have to trust the coach’s experience. In the same way, the coach has to trust the captain’s gut feel about certain things he is not sure about. At the end of the day, the team shouldn’t know there are differences between the coach and the captain.” ― MS Dhoni

“Man management is slightly more difficult because you are dealing with human emotions which are complicated.” ― MS Dhoni

“Most times an individual starts to doubt his talent before the others doubt him. He doesn’t trust his own ability and the self-belief goes missing. When that happens and you go to talk to that player, you have to wait for the right time and most importantly be very careful in choosing your words.” ― MS Dhoni

“When you’re in a bad mental space, you can take even the right thing in a negative way. So communication becomes very critical. To get it right, you have to know the individual really well – what gets him ticking, what his interests are, and how he perceives things.” ― MS Dhoni

“It’s important to know your teammates, not because you want to get the best out of them but because you actually want to know them as human beings.” ― MS Dhoni

“It is important that we know and understand each other inside out as people. Once that happens, you automatically know what mood a guy is in and what he is thinking if he hasn’t scored runs in a couple of innings or hasn’t taken wickets.” ― MS Dhoni

“For instance, you’ve successfully communicated with one person in a certain way. You try that same method with another guy with a similar personality and it might not work at all. And you’ll realize you have to figure out a whole new way of getting the best out of this guy.” ― MS Dhoni

“I may know three different ways of communicating a thing. But as I interact with more people and learn more about them, I might develop 15 new ways of saying the same thing. That can make a lot of difference.” ― MS Dhoni

“As humans, we can be very open and expressive but we are also very secretive about certain things. So, it has to be a trial and error thing.” ― MS Dhoni

“I don’t plan a lot and believe in my gut feel. But what many people don’t understand is that to have that gut feel, you have to have experienced that thing before.” ― MS Dhoni

“My gut feeling comes from my past experiences of all the cricket I’ve played in my life and the situations I have faced.” ― MS Dhoni

“It’s not something you just feel for a moment without any logic. It is an educated chance you take based on your past knowledge, and I really believe in that feeling.” ― MS Dhoni

“In our sport, there are a lot of factors that determine how a batsman is going to bat on a given day – the weather, the wicket, the condition of the ball, the bowlers he is facing and his own form.” ― MS Dhoni

“There are few plans you chalk out based on the stats and the video footage of that batsman, but I think a bowlers’ meeting is enough to sort those things out. I distance myself from it so when I go on the field I don’t have any fixed notions in my mind. I see how the batsman is batting that day, how the bowler is bowling and what the reasons are behind it. Based on that information I form my plans using my instincts.” ― MS Dhoni

“For me, being a part of the team is much more important than being the captain. Captaincy is just an added responsibility you get because others think you will be good at that job.” ― MS Dhoni

“The Test mace: It was special because it was the result of consistent hard work of three years. It wasn’t like you play well for one tournament and you win.” ― MS Dhoni

“The 2011 World Cup: This had a different challenge. Those 15 players who formed the squad not only had to play their best cricket for that period but also be in a really good mental state.” ― MS Dhoni

“Fitness is very important and difficult to maintain given the amount of cricket we play.” ― MS Dhoni

“The Champions Trophy, 2013: We were going through a very tough phase as a team and not many gave us a chance to win in the English conditions. It was a side in transition and the performance there showed the character of these young men.” ― MS Dhoni

“The 2007 World Twenty20: It was the beginning of everything that followed, for my young team and for me as a captain.” ― MS Dhoni

“The ICC Test Mace, ICC Champions Trophy, ICC World Cup 2011, ICC World Twenty20″ I don’t think I will ever be able to pick one and say, ‘this is the closest to my heart’. They all are.” ― MS Dhoni

“The good thing is that I do collect a lot of stumps but the bad one is I don’t put a mark as to which match they were from.” ― MS Dhoni

“I was very good in Maths till class V, and after that algebra and everything came in, and I started playing cricket, so it became slightly tough.” ― MS Dhoni

“Childhood is the time which is essentially the foundation stone of life. What you learn in childhood is what you will take with you going forward in life.” ― MS Dhoni

“You do not have to be boring in life, you have to be naughty, you have to be mischievous, but at the end of the day, you know the boundaries and you are always supposed to be within the boundaries.” ― MS Dhoni

“Enjoy everything in life. Play hard, study hard, listen to your parents, give love and respect to the elders and the ones younger to you, and have a lot of fun.” ― MS Dhoni

“A lot of people crib about the tough times that they go through, but that is what makes life interesting.” ― MS Dhoni

“If everything was smooth in life, you wouldn’t really enjoy it. It is the ups and downs that happen because of which your emotions also go up and down, and that is what makes life more interesting. So, enjoy each and every moment.” ― MS Dhoni

“Studies are very important but sports are as important as studies and that is one thing I have always told all the young people that I meet.” ― MS Dhoni

“Being fit is something that has to be there through your life. Even if you are very intelligent and very good in studies, if you are not fit enough, how will you enjoy your life?” ― MS Dhoni

“Everybody does not have to be a top athlete, but a normal level of fitness needs to be there.” ― MS Dhoni

“You are supposed to play some kind of an outdoor sport and spend less time on mobile phones and iPads, and use that time to play some kind of a sport – badminton, football, hockey.” ― MS Dhoni

“I don’t think I was ever bullied. One of the reasons could be that often, people who are very small, thin or timid, you tend to get away without being bullied; if someone is very cute and cuddly, he/she also gets away with things. I was small and timid.” ― MS Dhoni

“I used to play with boys that were much older to me, and they saw me as a younger brother.” ― MS Dhoni

“I have always played cricket with people who were older than me, which meant that they had more power and they understood the game better. Playing with them made me better.” ― MS Dhoni

“How the seniors are in the team environment affects the nature of the team, and the juniors also get groomed according to them.” ― MS Dhoni

“One of the effective ways is to pass on the culture of being against the concept of bullying, and the culture of being nice to people. That is what life is all about.” ― MS Dhoni

“I would not like to be in a situation where there is fist-fight or a verbal fight going on. If, for some reason, something like that happens and someone hits me, the first thing would be to ask the person to stop doing it, because everything can be resolved by sitting across the table and talking. If he does not stop, then there are different views on how a situation should be handled. So, I would ask him to stop, if he doesn’t stop, I would like to keep a bit of distance from him, but if he is still piling on to me, I would definitely like to defend myself. I would stand up to it, I would not just take everything just because he looks slightly older or bigger.” ― MS Dhoni

“The person bullying may actually require more help because psychologically there may be something wrong, but he or she may not consider that thing to be wrong, so you are actually going to help him or she realize that what he or she is doing is wrong.” ― MS Dhoni

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