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We all know how big a player MS Dhoni is. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the most successful captain in Indian cricket. He started his life journey from Ranchi. He captained the Indian cricket team and won all ICC trophies for India. He won ICC World T20 in 2007, ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011, ICC Champions Trophy in 2013. He is the only captain in world cricket history who won all ICC trophies.

Let’s read Quotes about MS Dhoni said by cricket legends, famous personalities.

Quotes about MS Dhoni

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  • “MS Dhoni reads the game very well.” – Suresh Raina
Quotes About MS Dhoni
  • “MS Dhoni learnt from the 2007 ICC Cricket World cup.” – Suresh Raina
  • “2007 ICC Cricket world cup changed MS Dhoni as a person.” – Suresh Raina
Quotes About MS Dhoni
  • “MS Dhoni is a colonel. A very strong-headed person.” – Suresh Raina
  • “MS is a tough guy. If you think A, he must be thinking about E. If I have closed to him in E, then he is in Z.” – Suresh Raina
Quotes About MS Dhoni
  • “I’m fascinated by MS that the emotion he shows. Normally he is very cool, hardly shows his emotion, you might be 80/7, and look at MS, and he still in the same calm person, might be there is another idea here.” – Harsha Bhogle
  • “When I first saw him playing, I thought, Mahendra speaks so much! I was surprised, He used to talk very little. But when enters the ground, he was full of confidence.” – Adil Hussain (Captained Dhoni when he was played for CCL)
Quotes About MS Dhoni
  • “I know 3 cricketers who have great romantic stories in cricket. B. S. Chandrasekhar, Sachin Tendulkar, and MS Dhoni.” – Ayaz Memon
  • “MS Dhoni is an emotion that is there in you, in me. We just have to discover the emotion that connects us, with our dream that is MS Dhoni.” Sushant Singh Rajput
Quotes About MS Dhoni
  • “In a high-pressure game like in a 50 over game or a T20 game, you need to be able to keep your cool. Mahendra Singh Dhoni did that all the time.” – Sunil Gavaskar
  • “I am a huge MS Dhoni fan.” – Sunil Gavaskar
  • “I was there in Rising Pune Supergiants and there were four captains in that team. Kevin Peterson, Faf Du Plessis, Steve Smith, MS Dhoni. There were so many captains but everyone used to say only one thing, in this team, there is only one captain. That is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.” – Irfan Pathan
  • “He only controlled what is controllable. He never tried to control which was not in his hand.” – Irfan Pathan
Quotes About MS Dhoni
  • “The best finisher in the world. For me the best white-ball captain. There is ever been whether it be for CSK or India, the man who is so cool, so calm on the pressure. I think Indian cricket will have to realize how good MS Dhoni was.” – Nasir Hussain
  • “What a career! What an excellent career! What an amazing career! What a magical career! one career. There needs to be so proud all over India, all over the world cricket as so blessed being ever to witnessed one of the most magical careers.” – Kevin Pietersen
  • “If we consider rank and capability then Sachin Tendulkar is best. And yet here was a boy from Ranchi with a very limited profile that somehow just resonated with the Indian community. He had an unflappable character. He had a humble and modest beginning yet a unique spirit which enabled people to say, this guy is just like us but he is a superstar.” – Matthew Hayden
  • “There is an empire that MS Dhoni ruled over today and he truly deserves that power.” – Matthew Hayden
  • “A match-winner, match finisher, a great captain, a great and humble guy.” – Shoaib Akhtar
  • “One time’s name Dhoni, one Era name Dhoni, one good man’s name Dhoni.” – Shoaib Akhtar
  • “Seeing Dhoni’s journey from a small-town boy into a match-winner and one of the most astute leaders the world has seen, it was remarkable.” – VVS Laxman
  • “He was not a big player in India. He was a big player in the world.” – Inzamam-ul-Haq
Quotes About MS Dhoni
  • “He was a captain who won all ICC events. From this, you can guess how big a captain he was.” – Inzamam-ul-Haq
  • “He made his debut in front of me. Did not score big in the first match. But his body language was telling that he would be a big player.” – Inzamam-ul-Haq
  • “As a player, he knew how to finish the match. As a captain, he knew how to make a player.” – Inzamam-ul-Haq
Quotes About MS Dhoni
  • “Sometimes I like to follow my own instinct as well, but whenever I ask Him anything 8 out of 9 times he always tells you things that work.” – Virat Kohli
  • “His ability, his understanding of the game, understanding of situations is priceless.” – Virat Kohli
Legends thoughts
  • “He is extremely calm, he is positive, he reads the game well, he tries to be a step ahead of the opposition.” Sachin Tendulkar
Legends thoughts
  • “I have enjoyed playing cricket with him and playing under him.” – Sachin Tendulkar
  • “MS has this fantastic personality remaining calm in any situation.” – Sourav Ganguly
Legends thoughts
  • “A lot of people have asked me that you played with him, how does he remain so calm? I said he doesn’t show it. From inside is different, from outside is different and that’s the great quality of a captain.” – Sourav Ganguly
  • “He is a great servant of the game.” – Sourav Ganguly
  • “He gets a lot of respect. We only look at the criticism but the amount of respect he gets in India is unbelievable.” Sourav Ganguly
  • “He is one of the best captains we have, we should respect that.” – Kapil Dev
Legends thoughts

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