AP NFL Most Valuable Player Award Winners List

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Get here the AP NFL Most Valuable Player Award Winners List.

The Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player Award is given out every year to the best player in the NFL. The AP award is considered the most important and prestigious MVP award. The winner is chosen based on their performance during the regular season. The NFL has a special ceremony every year to recognize the winners of the AP awards, including the MVP award. The latest winner of the AP NFL MVP is Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs.

The NFL gives out an award each year to the best player in the league. It’s voted on by 50 sportswriters at the end of the regular season, but the results aren’t announced until the day before the Super Bowl. The voters are chosen because they are experts and are independent of the league. Most of the time, the award goes to offensive players like quarterbacks or running backs. Only two players won it unanimously. Some NFL players have won the award and the Super Bowl in the same year, but that hasn’t happened since 1999. Some teams haven’t had an MVP yet. The Green Bay Packers have had the most MVPs, but if you include disputed awards, the Colts would be tied.

AP NFL Most Valuable Player Award Winners List

1957Jim BrownRunning backCleveland Browns14 of 36 (39%)
1958Jim BrownRunning backCleveland Browns22 of 41 (54%)
1959Johnny UnitasQuarterbackBaltimore Colts20 of 37 (54%)
1960Norm Van BrocklinQuarterbackPhiladelphia EaglesNot released
1961Paul HornungRunning backGreen Bay PackersNot released
1962Jim TaylorRunning backGreen Bay Packers19 of 40 (48%)
1963Y. A. TittleQuarterbackNew York Giants33 of 40 (79%)
1964Johnny UnitasQuarterbackBaltimore Colts32 of 40 (80%)
1965Jim BrownRunning backCleveland Browns34 of 42 (81%)
1966Bart StarrQuarterbackGreen Bay Packers19 of 40 (48%)
1967Johnny UnitasQuarterbackBaltimore Colts40 of 47 (81%)
1968Earl MorrallQuarterbackBaltimore Colts33 of 46 (81%)
1969Roman GabrielQuarterbackLos Angeles Rams21+1⁄3 of 48 (44%)
1970John BrodieQuarterbackSan Francisco 49ers33 of 78 (42%)
1971Alan PageDefensive tackleMinnesota Vikings16 of 60 (21%)
1972Larry BrownRunning backWashington Redskins45 of 75 (40%)
1973O. J. SimpsonQuarterbackBuffalo Bills74 of 78 (95%)
1974Ken StablerQuarterbackOakland Raiders36 of 78 (46%)
1975Fran TarkentonQuarterbackMinnesota VikingsNot released
1976Bert JonesQuarterbackBaltimore Colts41 of 84 (49%)
1977Walter PaytonRunning backChicago Bears57 of 84 (68%)
1978Terry BradshawQuarterbackPittsburgh Steelers36 of 84 (43%)
1979Earl CampbellRunning backHouston Oilers34 of 84 (41%)
1980Brian SipeQuarterbackCleveland Browns47 of 84 (56%)
1981Ken AndersonQuarterbackCincinnati Bengals46 of 84 (55%)
1982Mark MoseleyPlacekickerWashington Redskins35 of 84 (42%)
1983Joe TheismannQuarterbackWashington Redskins58 of 84 (69%)
1984Dan MarinoQuarterbackMiami Dolphins52 of 84 (62%)
1985Marcus AllenRunning backLos Angeles Raiders33 of 84 (39%)
1986Lawrence TaylorLinebackerNew York Giants41 of 84 (49%)
1987John ElwayQuarterbackDenver Broncos36 of 84 (43%)
1988Boomer EsiasonQuarterbackCincinnati Bengals31 of 78 (40%)
1989Joe MontanaQuarterbackSan Francisco 49ers62 of 70 (89%)
1990Joe MontanaQuarterbackSan Francisco 49ers26 of 80 (33%)
1991Thurman ThomasRunning backBuffalo Bills39 of 82 (48%)
1992Steve YoungQuarterbackSan Francisco 49ers56 of 80 (70%)
1993Emmitt SmithRunning backDallas Cowboys26 of 81 (32%)
1994Steve YoungQuarterbackSan Francisco 49ers74 of 98 (75%)
1995Brett FavreQuarterbackGreen Bay Packers69 of 88 (78%)
1996Brett FavreQuarterbackGreen Bay Packers52 of 93 (56%)
1997Brett FavreQuarterbackGreen Bay Packers18 of 48 (38%)
1997Barry SandersRunning backDetroit Lions18 of 48 (38%)
1998Terrell DavisRunning backDenver Broncos25 of 47 (53%)
1999Kurt WarnerQuarterbackSt. Louis Rams33 of 50 (66%)
2000Marshall FaulkRunning backSt. Louis Rams24 of 50 (48%)
2001Kurt WarnerQuarterbackSt. Louis Rams21+1⁄2 of 50 (43%)
2002Rich GannonQuarterbackOakland Raiders19 of 48 (40%)
2003Peyton ManningQuarterbackIndianapolis Colts16 of 50 (32%)
2003Steve McNairQuarterbackTennessee Titans16 of 50 (32%)
2004Peyton ManningQuarterbackIndianapolis Colts47 of 48 (98%)
2005Shaun AlexanderRunning backSeattle Seahawks19 of 50 (38%)
2006LaDainian TomlinsonRunning backSan Diego Chargers44 of 50 (88%)
2007Tom BradyQuarterbackNew England Patriots49 of 50 (98%)
2008Peyton ManningQuarterbackIndianapolis Colts32 of 50 (64%)
2009Peyton ManningQuarterbackIndianapolis Colts39+1⁄2 of 50 (79%)
2010Tom BradyQuarterbackNew England Patriots50 of 50 (100%)
2011Aaron RodgersQuarterbackGreen Bay Packers48 of 50 (96%)
2012Adrian PetersonRunning backMinnesota Vikings30+1⁄2 of 50 (61%)
2013Peyton ManningQuarterbackDenver Broncos49 of 50 (98%)
2014Aaron RodgersQuarterbackGreen Bay Packers31 of 50 (62%)
2015Cam NewtonQuarterbackCarolina Panthers48 of 50 (96%)
2016Matt RyanQuarterbackAtlanta Falcons25 of 50 (50%)
2017Tom BradyQuarterbackNew England Patriots40 of 50 (80%)
2018Patrick MahomesQuarterbackKansas City Chiefs41 of 50 (82%)
2019Lamar JacksonQuarterbackBaltimore Ravens50 of 50 (100%)
2020Aaron RodgersQuarterbackGreen Bay Packers44 of 50 (88%)
2021Aaron RodgersQuarterbackGreen Bay Packers39 of 50 (78%)
2022Patrick MahomesQuarterbackKansas City Chiefs48 of 50 (96%)
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