26 Auston Matthews Quotes For Inspiration

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Introducing Auston Matthews, one of the most talented and accomplished hockey players of our time. With his impressive skill and undeniable determination, Matthews has become a household name in the hockey world. His words, both on and off the ice, are filled with wisdom, inspiration, and a fierce drive to succeed. In this collection of quotes, we will delve into the mind of this hockey superstar and discover the secrets to his success. From his thoughts on teamwork and determination to his advice for aspiring players, these Auston Matthews quotes will inspire and motivate you to reach for the stars.

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Auston Matthews Quotes

1. “You don’t want to lose, I hate losing, everybody doesn’t want to lose.” ― Auston Matthews

2. “I think I’m extremely competitive.” ― Auston Matthews

3. “Having a good regular season isn’t really cutting it anymore.” ― Auston Matthews

4. “I’m going to have ups and downs and what I have to do is work that much harder and push through the tough parts.” ― Auston Matthews

5. “I think I have an inner drive that separates me from the rest.” ― Auston Matthews

6. “You want to be explosive, to get the advantage of the first step.” ― Auston Matthews

7. “I want to be an impact player.” ― Auston Matthews

8. “I want to make the team better and get better each day.” ― Auston Matthews

9. “It’s nice to spend some time with my family. They’re not around as much, especially throughout my career as junior. You’re away a lot, so you really cherish the little moments like this when you get to come back home and be around them.” ― Auston Matthews

10. “You know, it can get to a place where when a person hears about hockey, it’s not just like, ‘Oh, that’s the sport that middle-class white guys play.’ You know, it’s bigger than that and it brings people together as sport does. So hopefully it can continue to grow and expand and get to that point.” ― Auston Matthews

11. “I don’t mind wearing a suit.” ― Auston Matthews

12. “I elevate guys around me.” ― Auston Matthews

13. “Not many people get to be on the cover of the video game. I consider myself pretty lucky.” ― Auston Matthews

14. “I don’t care if you’re somebody that likes to go, ‘this is what I’m eating for breakfast and this is what I’m doing after breakfast. Then after lunch, I’m going to go do this, and this is me doing this.’ I don’t mind. That’s all good.” ― Auston Matthews

15. “Toronto is just a passionate sports city in general.” ― Auston Matthews

16. “All coaches are different and have different styles in how they do things.” ― Auston Matthews

17. “Just because you’re good at some things doesn’t mean you can’t be better at them.” ― Auston Matthews

18. “There are a lot of really good hockey players that have had great starts to their careers and have experience in the NHL under 23 years old.” ― Auston Matthews

19. “You look at the guys coming out of these southwestern markets, people don’t expect they have hockey or produce good players.” ― Auston Matthews

20. “There are hard ups and down throughout the season.” ― Auston Matthews

21. “That’s all you can ask for: that your general manager and all your teammates truly believe in one another.” ― Auston Matthews

22. “The whole process, getting drafted as a top pick, it’s stressful.” ― Auston Matthews

23. “I don’t really say toque a lot, to be honest. I hear other guys say it, and I know what it is, but for some reason, I can’t really get down with it. I’ve always said, like, beanie for some reason. I think it’s probably just an American thing, maybe. And the toque part is a Canadian thing.” ― Auston Matthews

24. “I just like to keep to myself for the most part.” ― Auston Matthews

25. “As the years have gone, I’ve just kind of grown into myself a little bit more. And maybe felt more comfortable just being myself and not really worrying about what everybody else thinks or says.” ― Auston Matthews

26. “Individual awards are great, but I don’t think there’s quite the satisfaction compared to winning with the team.” ― Auston Matthews

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