20 Belated Wedding Wishes And Messages

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Get a collection of belated wedding wishes and messages.

Belated Wedding Wishes And Messages

1. Congratulations on your union, lovebirds. You stay true and be with you always.

2. For the beautiful groom of a beautiful bride, may your life be filled with boundless happiness and infinite happiness! Congratulations!

3. God bless you both and give all your blessings to the lovely couple. I am sorry I am late. Happy marriage to you

4. Happiness is what I wished for you on your wedding day. May there be happiness in your life and happiness in your married life. Sorry for being late!

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5. How could I even do this? I forgot to wish you an important day. I feel so sorry. Good luck in your marriage!

6. I am really sorry; I missed your wedding party. I wish you guys a wonderful life with long love.

7. I don’t feel bad for not attending your wedding, but I want to wish you a purposeful life as you both embark on this journey. Enjoy your home.

8. Just as fragrance is necessary for flowers, so you are necessary for me. Sorry for my negligence. Happy late marriage.

9. Many congratulations on your marriage, may your union be blessed forever, sorry I couldn’t attend. But I was with you from my heart!

10. May the blessings of happy married life be with you! Please accept my belated wishes for your new life.

11. May you both enjoy undying love at all times and every day. I am glad that you have finally tied the knot, but I am sad that I was not there. Enjoy your home.

12. May your life’s journey bring lots of happiness, joy, prosperity, and love. Sorry for this late wish.

13. May your union always be filled with the deepest wishes in your hearts. Congratulations on your wedding. Sorry for being late!

14. My failure to wish you at the right time has nothing to do with the fact that you are going to have an everlasting happy marriage. Congrats!

15. Please forgive me for missing my wedding day. Wishing you endless adventures and wonderful experiences.

16. Sorry for not being able to wish on time. But I don’t think it’s too late to wish now. May you always enjoy a happy married life!

17. Wishing you a blessed and happy marriage. Sorry for the late greetings. I pray that you start the most beautiful journey of your life!

18. You are the brightest and most beautiful bride I have ever seen. No wonder why he chose you to marry him. Wishing you a late marriage!

19. You are very lucky to have this beautiful girl as your life partner, but you will be unlucky if you cannot keep her happy. Happy belated wishes on your marriage.

20. You must be feeling the weight of thousands of wishes on your marriage. here’s another one. May God bless you with a happy married life!