Who is the Best Domain Name Registrars in 2021?

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Are you looking for the Best Domain Name Registrar to buy a good domain name for your website? In this article, we will provide you information regarding domain name registrars? And what is the best domain register in the market?

I hope you have the basic knowledge about the domain. If you do not know, then in this article you can read what is a domain name and how it works.

Along with this, you will also be able to know what things you have to pay attention to while buying a good domain.

Free WhoisGuard with Every Domain Purchase at Namecheap

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What is a domain name?

A domain name is similar to a website name used in the place of an IP address. All the websites on the Internet are located on a server and each has different Internet Protocol Addresses (IP Address).

This IP Address is a number series like which is very difficult to remember and identify. To simplify this, a name is used instead of the IP Address. And we call it a Domain Name.

When someone searches that domain name on the Internet, it converts to the IP Address and easily the user reaches the particular source or website.

What is Domain Name Registrar?

All the domain names are operated by different registrar companies called Domain Name Registrar. All these domain registrar companies are authorized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

The information related to the domain name is stored in a database, which is called the domain name registry. All domain name registrar companies operate domain databases under the permission of ICANN.

ICANN has allowed all those domain registrars to sell all types of domain extensions such as Top-level domains, country code level domains, or any other domains, operate data records stored in domain databases, renew them as soon as the domain’s subscription period ends, and more.

Things to keep in mind before choosing a domain registrar

When we go to buy a domain name, we have to keep some things in mind.

Price and Registration Period

We always want to get the product at a reasonable price with many facilities. When buying a domain name you will get different prices at different domain registrars.

The cost of the domain name is calculated by years. Its minimum registration period starts from 1 year. And different domain registers have different registration periods.

If you buy a domain from Namecheap, you can get a registration period of up to 10 years. In GoDaddy also, you get the registration period from 1 to 10 years. But Domain.com provides a registration period of up to 5 years.

Domain Renewal Period

Before buying a domain name, it is important to check what is the domain renewal policy of the domain registrar.

When the registration period is over, you need to renew it. Sometimes, due to some reason, you are unable to renew your domain.

In this case, the domain renewal grace period gives you a relaxation of a few days. In between, you can get your domain renewed.

Once the registration period is over, the domain registration can also sell this domain to someone else.

You should choose a domain registrar who gives you a few grace periods even after the completion of your domain name registration period.

You can also activate Auto-renew while purchasing the domain. When your registration period ends, it will automatically renew itself.

Domain transfer facility

Sometimes you cannot get satisfied with the services of your domain registrar. At that time you may have to transfer your domain from one domain registrar to another.

Many domain registrars charge money for this, while many transfer domains for free of cost.

Therefore, when buying your domain name, you have to check the domain transfer quality.

Most important tips: If you buy a domain name from anywhere, you cannot transfer your domain name between 60 days.

Privacy protection

When you buy a domain from a domain registrar, you have to give your personal details at the time of billing. This data remains public in the domain registrar.

Through this data, anyone can send you spam emails, your website can also be hacked. It is important to keep all data private.

Now with the help of WHOIS protection, you can keep your data hidden.

Many websites charge extra for this and many websites provide this facility for free.

If you buy Namecheap, you will get WHOIS protection for free. Domain.com charges $8.99 for this.

Good user interface

New users do not initially have complete knowledge about domain names. Being a new user, he does not know how to operate the admin area, how to update the nameserver, and more.

There should be an interface that is easy for new users to manage their domain name.

Good Customer Care Support

If there is any doubt regarding the domain name, it is necessary to contact the domain providers to solve those issues.

Some domain providers have live chat support for their users, many have phone call facilities, and many have email contact facilities.

Any user can easily solve their issues with the help of domain registrar experts.

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Best Domain Name Registrars 2021

There are various Domain Registrars available in the world. But we have selected here the five best domain providers who provide good domain service in the internet world.


Namecheap Domain Registrar

Namecheap is the best domain name provider that provides the most reliable service cheaply.

Namecheap was founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. It has more than 11 million registered users and manages more than 10 million domain names.

You will get the .com domain at 655/per year, .net 958/per year (discounted price 796), .org 958/per year (discounted price 677).

In Namecheap, you will get top-level domains at a cheap price. Along with a domain name, you will get WHOISGuard Protection for free to keep your personal details private.

Many domain registrars charge extra cost for WHOISGuard Protection but Namecheap provides this facility for free.

Services provided by Namecheap:

  • Top-Level Domain extensions at a cheap rate
  • Free WHOISGuard Protection with the domain name
  • 24/7 Live support
  • Premium DNS at cost ₹358.94 to keep 100% DNS uptime
  • Along with Premium DNS, you will get DDoS (Denial-of-service) and ultra-fast DNS response time
  • Domain Name Generator tool to find the best domain name
  • Domain Cancellation Facility to cancel your domain: If for any reason you want to cancel your domain name then you can cancel it and you will get a refund of your money.
  • Beast Mode to get domain name ideas: With the help of beast mode you can search for a domain name up to 5000 keywords.
  • You can transfer your domain name to Namecheap at a low cost compared to any other domain name registered.
  • After expiring, you will get a 27 days grace period to renew your domain.


Bluehost the best hosting provider to create a website

Bluehost is one of the web hosting companies among the 20 largest web host companies. Bluehost offers various hosting solutions such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Hosting, eCommerce hosting.

Along with web hosting services, It has more than 2 million domains.

Bluehost domains are more expensive compared to the Namecheap domain. But if you want a free domain for one year, then it is the best choice.

The cost of the domain in Bluehost are:

  • .com – ₹819.00/yr
  • .org – ₹999.00/yr
  • .net – ₹949.00/yr
  • .in – ₹699.00/yr
  • .co – ₹1949.00/yr
  • .online – ₹2499.00/yr

With Bluehost WordPress hosting you can get a free domain for 1 year.

Services provided by Bluehost:

  • In Bluehost, you will get WHOISGuard Protection at a cost of ₹348 per year.
  • 24/7 chat support, 10 am-10 pm call support
  • Along with Web hosting, you will get a free domain name for 1 year
  • After completing the registration period, you will get a 30 days grace period to renew your domain.
  • You can manage your site with its simple looking interface
  • You can change DNS records easily on your domain
  • You can lock your domain to prevent unauthorized transfers.

Get Bluehost at ₹199/month and get a free domain for your blog.


Hostinger Domain

Hostinger is a web hosting company that provides various hosting services including Shared web hosting, cloud web hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Minecraft hosting, Domain Name, Website Builder.

Hosting was established in 2004, and now it has over 29 million users in 178 countries.

You can get top-level domain names at cheaper prices here. Give a look at domain extensions and their prices:

  • .com – ₹602/year, renewal price – ₹991/year
  • .net – ₹905/year, renewal price – ₹906/year
  • .org – ₹865/year, renewal price – ₹991/year
  • .in – ₹435/year, renewal price – ₹546/year
  • If you buy web hosting from Hostinger, you will get a free domain name for 1 year.

Services provided by Hostinger:

  • You will get WHOISGuard Protection ₹275/Year
  • For Priority Customer care support you need to pay ₹109/month: In this plan, Your issue will be resolved on a prior basis.
  • 24/7 live support.
  • You can try for 30 days in your domain. if you will not get satisfaction with this domain, you can cancel the domain during the 30 days.
  • You have to pay an extra 18% tax when buying the domain name. For example, If you purchase a .com domain name for ₹602 then you need to pay ₹108 as 18% tax, and the total cost of ₹710 will be for you.
  • You will get a simple user interface area to manage your domain name.
  • After completing the registration period, you will get a 30 days grace period to renew your domain.



GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world. It has more than 20 million customers worldwide.

GoDaddy domains are expensive like Bluehost, but if you purchase for 2 or more years, the first-year price will be cheaper for you.

The admin interface of GoDaddy is a very easy and simple looking interface that will be suitable to be accessed by the users.

In GoDaddy, you will get different prices for different domains with different registration periods.

For Example, If you buy a .com TLD for 1 year, you need to pay ₹849/year, the renewal cost will be ₹899/year. If you buy it for 2 or more years, then you will get the domain for ₹199 for the first-year and ₹1049 for the second year, and the renewal cost will be ₹974/year.

Get brief detailed information about Domain prices on GoDaddy:

TLD ExtensionsRegistration Period1st Year Registration CostAdditional Year CostRenewal Cost
.com TLD ExtensionFor 1 year₹ 849.00₹ 0.00₹ 899.00
For 2 year₹ 199.00₹ 1,049.00₹ 974.00
For 3 year₹ 199.00₹ 1,049.00₹ 999.00
For 5 year₹ 199.00₹ 1,049.00₹ 1,019.00
For 10 year₹ 199.00₹ 1,049.00₹ 1,034.00
.net TLD ExtensionFor 1 year₹ 1,079.00₹ 0.00₹ 999.00
For 2 year₹ 1,079.00₹ 1,399.00₹ 1,199.00
For 3 year₹ 1,079.00₹ 1,399.00₹ 1,265.67
For 5 year₹ 1,079.00₹ 1,399.00₹ 1,319.00
For 10 year₹ 1,079.00₹ 1,399.00₹ 1,359.00
.org TLD ExtensionFor 1 year₹ 749.00₹ 0.00₹ 1,069.00
For 2 year₹ 749.00₹ 1,399.00₹ 1,234.00
For 3 year₹ 749.00₹ 1,399.00₹ 1,289.00
For 5 year₹ 749.00₹ 1,399.00₹ 1,333.00
For 10 year₹ 749.00₹ 1,399.00₹ 1,366.00
.in TLD ExtensionFor 1 year₹ 279.00₹ 0.00₹ 599.00
For 2 or more years₹ 99.00₹ 599.00₹ 599.00

Services provided by GoDaddy:

  • Ultimate Domain Protection & Security to Protect your domain with automatic malware scans and continuous security monitoring and notifies you if anything is wrong for ₹999.00/domain per year.
  • Full Domain Privacy & Protection to Protect against domain hijacking and malicious transfer for ₹299.00/domain per year.
  • 24/7 Customer support including WhatsApp chat & Phone call support
  • After completing the registration period, you will get a 12 days grace period to renew your domain. Click here to check the renewal policy of GoDaddy.


Domain.com Domain Name

Domain.com is the most powerful domain registrar in the world. It was founded in 1998 by George DeCarlo.

Along with Domain service, It also providing hosting services to the users.

TLD Domain extensions in Domain.com are slightly expensive, but they are providing very powerful services to the users.

You can pay $9.99/year for .com TLD & renewal cost $13.99/year, $12.99/year for .net & renewal cost $15.99/year, $8.99/year for .org & renewal cost $14.99/year.

Services provided by Domain.com:

  • You will get WHOISGuard Protection for $8.99/year.
  • After completing the registration period, you will get a 30 days grace period to renew your domain.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Powerful DNS Management System to retain total control over the DNS of your domain name.
  • Transfer Lock: Protect your domain from any unauthorized transfer, or “hijack.”.
  • Email Forwarding facility to automatically forward email addresses under your domain to any other valid email address.

Domain Comparison

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Final Thoughts

You will find many domain registrars on the web. But the list of 5 domain registrars that we have given above, is the best domain registrars according to us.

If you are a new user then Namecheap & GoDaddy is best for you. You can choose any one of them.

But in Namecheap, you will get WHOISGuard Protection to protect your domain privacy for free. While you buy a domain name from GoDaddy, you need to pay ₹299 separately.

If you are planning to start a small or large business, then Domain.com is best for you. Because it is the most powerful domain registrar in the world.

Bluehost & Hostinger are good domain providers with the best user interface. If you buy web hosting from any one of these two then you will get a free domain for 1 year.

Bluehost provides web hosting starting at a cost of ₹199/month.

Hostinger also providing web hosting at a cost of ₹79/Month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the cheapest domain registrar?

Namecheap is the cheapest domain registrar. It charges the lowest prices for TLD extensions. You will get the most popular .com TLDs at ₹655 only with Domain privacy protection facility free.

Who is the Best Domain Registrar?

All the five domain registrars we have mentioned i.e. Namecheap, Bluehost, Hostinger, GoDaddy, Domain.com all are the best. You can choose any of them.

But If you are a new user, then Namecheap & GoDaddy is best for you. Bluehost and Hostinger are the best web hosting providers. If you use their hosting, you can get a free domain name for one year.

For small businesses and large companies, Domain.com is the best option.

How do I permanently buy a domain name?

You can’t buy a domain name permanently. You can buy it for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or up to 10 years. You have to renew after the registration period is over.

How do I transfer my domain name?

If you want to transfer your domain from one registrar to another, then you have to contact your first Domain registrar.

Nowadays this facility is available in almost every domain registrars. You can easily transfer your domain from one registrar to another at a minimum cost.

Who is the best domain provider in India?

Both Namecheap & GoDaddy are the best domain providers in India.

Which Domain registrar provides free domain protection?

Namecheap is the only domain provider that is providing Domain Privacy protection for free of cost.

Which domain makes more upsell?

Almost every domain provider makes upsells. But Domain.com & GoDaddy making more upsells.

Is there any additional cost with the domain price?

Yes. As per ICANN rules, it is mandatory to pay an annual fee of $0.18 for each year of domain registration, renewal, or transfer. There is no additional charge except ICANN charges.

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