20 Best Preschool Quotes For Kids

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Get here the list of some best inspirational quotes about preschool for kids.

Best Preschool Quotes

1. “When you’re three, you don’t draw what you see–you draw upon your imagination. Nobody tells you to stop putting wings on people unless you have a most unfortunate preschool teacher. You are intoxicated by your own magic.” ― Kirsten Hubbard

2. “Children see magic because they look for it.” ― Christopher Moore

3. “Art is the child of nature in whom we trace the features of the mother’s face.” ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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4. “Children are not meant to work for love. They are meant to rest in someone’s care so that they can play and grow; this is why relationships matter.” ― Deborah MacNamara

5. “By the time they’re out of preschool, most children have already seen thousands of acts of violence.” ― Brian K. Vaughan

6. “Tutoring a four-year-old to get into an exclusive preschool made as much sense as hiring a swim coach for a guppy.” ― Jodi Picoult

7. “Our children need a self to share, a heart that feels, a mouth that tells, and a belief that the richness in life comes from experiencing it in a vulnerable way.” ― Deborah MacNamara

8. “A paradox: Bartek is apparently the only child in his preschool group who consoles other children when they cry. And autists are supposed to have impaired emotions.” ― Rafał Motriuk

9. “Prepare Your Child for the Road, Not the Road for Your Child” ― Gary Ezzo

10. “Three years of teaching at Happy Hands Preschool and I couldn’t even cuss right.” ― Angie Fox

Inspirational Preschool Quotes For Kids

11. “When trouble ensues, among the first questions to ask are whether the child was placed in a situation that was too much for them developmentally and whether expectations for behavior were realistic.” ― Deborah MacNamara

12. “The challenge of parenting lies in finding the balance between nurturing, protecting, and guiding, on one hand, and allowing your child to explore, experiment, and become an independent, unique person, on the other.” ― Jane Nelsen

13. “Whether we’re a preschooler or a young teen, a graduating college senior or a retired person, we human beings all want to know that we’re acceptable, that our being alive somehow makes a difference in the lives of others.” ― Fred Rogers

14. “Pretending is an essential language of childhood.” ― Erika Christakis

15. “Good development requires patience and faith. The problem with pushing and controlling is they can interfere with providing what children really need. They can create stressful environments where children feel there is something wrong with the way they are.” ― Deborah MacNamara

16. “The news coverage was as controlled and accurate as a fire hose wielded by a preschooler.” ― Jem Fox

17. “The first stage of elementary reading—reading readiness—corresponds to pre-school and kindergarten experiences.” ― Mortimer J. Adler

18. “Parents who are afraid to put their foot down usually have children who step on their toes.’ – Chinese proverb” ― Bridget A. Barnes

19. “As a kid, did you think when you grew up you’d be spoken to as if you were still in preschool? When did it become okay to treat adults this way?” ― Adam Carolla

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