54 Best Wedding Wishes, Messages, And Texts

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Get a collection of best wedding wishes and messages.

Wedding Wishes, Messages, And Texts

1. Congratulations on this great new chapter of your life. Enjoy every single second of it and love each other unconditionally.

2. Congratulations on your marriage. You should love and support each other at every stage of your life.

3. Marriage is a sacred relationship. You both have just entered a new phase of life. I hope you get all the happiness and joy in life.

4. May the one who has joined you bless this new chapter of your life with a love that never ends! Happy married life!

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5. May your love for each other be unbreakable and strong through life’s storms. We wish you both the very best in your married life.

6. My heartiest congratulations to both of you on finding each other among the billions of people in this world. You look so perfect for each other!

7. My only wish for you is that you both keep each other happy always. My heartiest congratulations on your marriage.

8. Seeing you so happy in love, makes me very happy. Congratulations on your wedding.

9. Sending lots of love to your favorite couple in the world. Congratulations!

10. Thank you for making us all happy today. You have really great taste in choosing your partner for life.

11. You are the most romantic couple I have ever known. May you have the sweetest married life ever!

12. You guys are living proof of how beautiful love is! Congratulations on your wedding day.

Advance wedding wishes, Messages, And Texts

13. Can’t wait to see a happy couple and their grand wedding ceremony. Congratulations to you in advance!

14. Best wishes for a prosperous married life.

15. Can’t believe you’re going to get married soon, leaving me alone and helpless! But I couldn’t be happier for you! Congratulations in advance!

16. You both fell in love before my eyes, and it is beyond amazing that you have now decided to get married! Congratulations in advance!

17. I am so proud of you and the wonderful groom you are going to be. Please accept my advance congratulations.

18. Congratulations to you in advance! How beautiful and vibrant you have started looking after the wedding date is fixed! May this smile never leave your face!

19. Your joy will rise and reach your friends and neighbors around you. Congratulations in advance!

20. I hope you have a day to be remembered and admired forever. Wishing you a beautiful married life in advance.

21. Wishing you a very happy marriage in advance! You two are a match made in heaven, and we couldn’t be happier with this news!

Happy wedding wishes, Messages, And Texts

22. You two have just set the world the brightest example of immortal and undying love. May you both be happy in the years to come!

23. Congratulations! Wishing you many years of happiness and a happy married life!

24. You are the cutest couple I have ever seen! You both deserve the best things in the world. be happy with each other.

25. May you both enjoy beautiful and blissful days together. May this marriage be happy and prosperous.

26. Happy wedding day to both of you. I wish you a happy married life!

27. I wish you a happy and prosperous married life that lasts forever.

28. May the love and affection between the two of you only grow in the days to come!

29. Husband-wife relationship is the most beautiful relationship in the world. It is the relationship by which two different people turn into a single entity for a lifetime.

30. Wishing you many years of happiness and a happy married life!

Belated wedding wishes, Messages, And Texts

31. You are very lucky to have this beautiful girl as your life partner, but you will be unlucky if you cannot keep her happy. Happy belated wishes for your marriage.

32. For the beautiful groom of a beautiful bride, may your life be filled with boundless happiness and infinite happiness!

33. You must be feeling the weight of thousands of wishes on your marriage. here’s another one. May God bless you with a happy married life!

34. Happiness is what I wished for you on your wedding day. May there be happiness in your life and happiness in your married life. Sorry for being late!

35. May you both enjoy undying love at all times and every day. I am glad that you have finally tied the knot, but I am sad that I was not there.

36. I am really sorry; I missed your wedding party. I wish you guys a wonderful life with long love.

37. Many congratulations on your marriage, and may your union is blessed forever, sorry I couldn’t attend. But I was with you from my heart!

38. Just as fragrance is necessary for flowers, so you are necessary for me. Sorry for my negligence.

Funny Wedding Wishes, Messages, And Texts

39. Maybe your “I do” won’t cost you—your sanity. Enjoy married life. Sending my best wishes to both of you in living life.

40. Marriage is the bond between one person who never remembers anniversaries and another who never forgets them.

41. Two become one: one bed, one remote, one bathroom!

42. No wish or fate will protect you from the painful life of slavery you are about to begin as a husband.

43. Deep inside, you know it’s a trap, and you’re not coming out of it alive.

44. You are actually shown some respect when the priest asks you to say ‘I do’. Otherwise, it’s not like you have any other option. Happy married life ahead!

45. Nothing gets better after marriage. This is only the beginning of the worst.

46. I’m not sure if you’re trying to fit into society’s rule or run to death to be rejected by it. Anyway, best wishes for your new life.

Wedding wishes, Messages, And Texts For The Card

47. It means so much to witness the joy of your wedding day. Congratulations to you both on finding the perfect person to share all your days with.

48. Can you feel the love? Our whole community is celebrating with you today!

49. Our hearts are so confident that you will keep each other happy with lots of love and affection. May God bless you with a beautiful life.

50. May you have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of and more.

51. Feeling so much joy for the two of you as you join your lives in marriage!

52. Your marriage makes our world a brighter, happier one with even more reasons to celebrate.

53. So happy to celebrate you two today!

54. We hope you can feel all the happiness surrounding you on your wedding day!