The 17 Best Quotes About Witness

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Are you looking for some witness quotes? Stay motivated with the help of the below inspirational witness quotes.

Best Quotes About Witness

1. “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.” ― J.K. Rowling

2. “Suddenly summoned to witness something great and horrendous, we keep fighting not to reduce it to our own smallness.” ― John Updike

3. “Children should be witnesses of parental affection.” ― Asa Don Brown

4. “Uglier things have been spotted in the skies, but not by reliable witnesses.” ― Douglas Adams

5. “Know that the best relationships in our lives are the relationships where God’s love is shown in our love for one another. These truly loving relationships are also our best witness to the world.” ― Kerry van der Vinne

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6. “Without us here to witness, the universe is just pointless physics unfolding.” ― Daniel H. Wilson

7. “We therefore need to be patient with ourselves, and look upon our sense of guilt as Witnesses!” ― Frank M. Wanderer

8. “Witnessing honesty frightens some people because they haven’t known authenticity in their own life.” ― Bryant McGill

9. “The one who sees thought as a thought is the witness to mind and no longer subject to suffering.” ― Vivian Amis

10. “Sometimes when you’re surrounded by dirt…you’re a better witness for what’s beautiful.” ― Matt de la Pena

11. “Your enemies are not to be destroyed, grant them longevity to witness your success.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

12. “Anyone can perform good deeds for an audience; the best among us do their greatest work when no one is present to bear witness.” ― Ken Poirot

13. “Being here to witness the beauty, to learn, to be astonished, to love – is enough. Being able to create in addition is a delightful honour.” ― Jay Woodman

14. “People will continue to doubt you until they witness first hand the results of what you have mastered.” ― Paul Bamikole

15. “I am a prisoner of perception, a compulsory witness.” ― Saul Bellow

16. “Only one thing is harassing you: your own idea of achieving things as quickly as possible. But meditation is not to be achieved; it is already there. It has only to be discovered. And discovery needs only one thing: a silent watcher.” ― Osho

17. “Silence is very dangerous, especially when your words can be the only source of healing at a moment.” ― Israelmore Ayivor

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