62 Best World Peace Quotes to spread peace

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Let’s read here the collection of the best world peace quotes that will help you to spread peace all over the world.

Best World Peace Quotes

1. “Achieving world peace, or peace on Earth requires a strong emphasis on knowledge, openness, freedom of information and dialogue.” ― Oscar Auliq-Ice

2. “At the end of the day, we all live in this world together and to practice bringing peace onto Twitter is a huge step into bringing peace into our world.” ― Germany Kent

3. “Be good. Be kind to each other. And if there’s somebody you love, tell them. The world always needs more love.” ― Mira Grant

4. “Be the radiator of peace. Go to the center of your inner being. Radiate peace in every direction.” ― Amit Ray

5. “Bless the world. Let it be a wonderful world with love, peace, joy, and happiness.” ― Amit Ray

6. “By dedicating ourselves to peace, understanding, kindness, and compassion, we do our part to heal the world.” ― Laurence Overmire

7. “Compassion is the signature of Higher Consciousness. Non-violence is the tool to evolve into the Higher Consciousness.” ― Amit Ray

8. “Cultivate blessing. Bless yourself. Bless the whole world. Let it be full with love, peace, joy and happiness.” ― Amit Ray

9. “Despite our differences, I consider everyone with a good heart to be my ally in creating a better, more peaceful world.” ― Laurence Overmire

10. “Despite the violence and war, this world is the most peaceful place with the most beautiful nature in the universe.” ― Debasish Mridha

11. “Earth is the play ground of our children and their children. We cannot allow it to be the play ground of the nuclear arms of the evil forces.” ― Amit Ray

12. “Every day, I take steps to resolve all my karmic ties, live with intention, smile and laugh often, express my love, and act on what brings me fulfillment. Why wait until we have one foot in the grave to suddenly become spiritual, forgiving, and at peace with the world?” ― Alaric Hutchinson

13. “Focus your energy on peace, bliss, and beauty. Life will be blissful and the world will be peaceful.” ― Amit Ray

14. “For a beautiful peaceful world, one must abandon all notions of otherness and instead embrace togetherness.” ― Suzy Kassem

15. “For a peaceful life: think about peace, talk about peace, give away peace, and fill the world with peace.” ― Debasish Mridha

16. “For us to progress, we must be community in liberty, equality and fraternity.” ― Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

17. “Hopefully one day Wars will only be fought in movies. And may the best producer win!” ― Stanley Victor Paskavich

18. “I am for true world peace and building a beautiful global garden for our children.” ― Suzy Kassem

19. “I believe that the more time we spend choosing to run the deep inner-peace circuitry of our right hemispheres, the more peace we will project into the world, and the more peaceful our planet will be.” ― Jill Bolte Taylor

20. “I can’t change you and you can’t change me, but together we can work to change the world.” ― Germany Kent

21. “I love to soar in the boundless sky. In the vast emptiness of the blue, my soul rejoices listening to the soundless music of the wind.” ― Banani Ray

22. “If everyone realized the value of life, the world would be peaceful. The meaning of these words, “Do unto others as you would have them, do unto you,” would be understood: It would be practiced.” ― Ellen J. Barrier

23. “If we accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill each other? Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, rather, to use violence to get what they want.” ― Mother Theresa

24. “If we want more healing and peace in the world, let us each start with our homes, our relationships, our mindsets, and ourselves.” ― Lisa J. Shultz

25. “If we want truth and justice to rule our global village, there must be no hypocrisy. If there is no truth, then there will be no equality. No equality, no justice. No justice, no peace. No peace, no love. No love, only darkness.” ― Suzy Kassem

26. “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” ― Mother Teresa

27. “If you want inner peace, unconditionally forgive everyone. If you want world peace, be an example and love everyone.” ― Debasish Mridha

28. “In this vast cosmic orchestra, peace is the music of every heart. Our glory lies in understanding, listening and honoring that music.” ― Amit Ray

29. “It doesn’t matter, whether it is an x, y or z country, every penny spends for nuclear weapons strengthen the hands of the evil force.” ― Amit Ray

30. “It is not very difficult to build world peace. We just have to be kind to each other and treat each other with great care.” ― Debasish Mridha

31. “Kindness has no religion. Religions are like narrow tracks but kindness is like an open sky.” ― Amit Ray

32. “Kindness is universal. Sometimes being kind allows others to see the goodness in humanity through you. Always be kinder than necessary.” ― Germany Kent

33. “Love is our strength to overcome the evils of the world.” ― Amit Ray

34. “May peace rule the universe; may peace rule in kingdoms and empires; may peace rule in states and in the lands of the potentates; may peace rule in the house of friends and may peace also rule in the house of enemies.” ― Virchand Raghavji Gandhi

35. “Money is energy and in the right hands can help heal the world.” ― Nikki Rowe

36. “Non-violence is more powerful than violence. Nature eliminates violent animals bit by bit.” ― Amit Ray

37. “Nonviolence is only for the brave men and women of the world because it requires courage – courage to love the beauty of life, beauty of humanity and the beauty of the world.” ― Amit Ray

38. “Only the brave men and women can bring peace to the world, not by practicing war but by practicing nonviolence.” ― Amit Ray

39. “Our heart is wide enough to embrace the world and hands are long enough to encompass the world.” ― Amit Ray

40. “Peace is a state of mind, but in a world where the state controls the mind, peace remains an inconvenience.” ― Abhijit Naskar

41. “Power is given only to those you allow to have power over you. No man was born with a master. The only master of all is the Creator, and he created all men to be free. Freedom is a God-given right, not a human-granted gift. No man should have to fight to breathe in good health and peace.” ― Suzy Kassem

42. “Purpose of life is to generate more love, peace, and harmony in the world.” ― Amit Ray

43. “Save the children, save mankind.” ― Aaron B. Powell

44. “The cost of war is like an immeasurable tremor that knows no borders, its shockwaves reverberating across the world resulting in universal suffering.” ― Aysha Taryam

45. “The formula of life is simple. It is the formula of giving – giving courage, attention, peace, love and comfort to yourself and the society.” ― Amit Ray

46. “The mob mentality may keep you safe, but your soul will pay for it in the end.” ― Lori Goodwin

47. “The world needs fewer moneymakers but more peacemakers with love and kindness. To be happy is to give others, be the reason for a smile for others and you will find the sunlight of happiness.” ― Amit Ray

48. “The world needs more love and Twitter just figured out a way to send ‘hearts all over the world’.” ― Germany Kent

49. “The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” ― M.K. Clinton

50. “To become a true global citizen, one must abandon all notions of otherness and instead embrace togetherness.” ― Suzy Kassem

51. “To solve the problem of organizing world peace we must establish world law and order.” ― Arthur Henderson

52. “Understanding languages and other cultures builds bridges. It is the fastest way to bring the world closer together and to Truth. Through understanding, people will be able to see their similarities before differences.” ― Suzy Kassem

53. “We can all make the world a better place through the moment-to-moment decisions we make as we interact with people.” ― Morton Shaevitz

54. “We can be of many nations, but the earth is our land. We can be of many races, but we are just one clan.” ― Ricardo Derose

55. “We like to put sacred texts in flowing waters, so I rolled it up, tied it to a piece of wood, placed a dandelion on top, and floated it in the stream which flows into the Swat River. Surely God would find it there.” ― Malala Yousafzai

56. “We must be ready to learn from one another, not claiming that we alone possess all truth and that somehow we have a corner on God.” ― Desmond Tutu

57. “When creativity is seen as more important than facts, we will find ourselves in a world where problems are solved more often than spoken of.” ― Tarryn Tomlinson

58. “When the world becomes peaceful for the birds, the birds will sing a harmonious chorale.” ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

59. “When the world shifts its focus on heart over mind, we will finally experience a beautiful global garden for our children.” ― Suzy Kassem

60. “When two brothers are busy fighting, an evil man can easily attack and rob their poor mother. Mankind should always stay united, standing shoulder to shoulder so evil can never cheat and divide them.” ― Suzy Kassem

61. “World peace is really inner peace within each individual mind.” ― Vironika Tugaleva

62. “You are a valuable instrument in the orchestration of your own world, and the overall harmony of the universe.” ― Suzy Kassem

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