18 Birthday Wishes And Messages for Twins

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Get a collection of birthday wishes and messages for twins.

Birthday Wishes And Messages for Twins

1. A brother is someone who is more than a friend and is very close to your heart. We are so lucky to have twin brothers. Happy birthday to the smartest and coolest!

2. Best wishes to the best twin brothers. I hope this birthday brings double happiness for both of you.

3. Happy birthday to my twin. You filled my life with fun and entertainment. Brother’s love!

4. Happy Birthday to the cutest twin brother and sister in town. May your birthday be filled with love and fun!

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5. Happy birthday to us, twin sisters! It is a blessing to share my birthday with you!

6. Happy birthday, my sweet twin sister. Having you with me is the biggest blessing. I love you.

7. Happy birthday, twin sisters. God bless you both and help you get the matching princess dress.

8. Happy birthday, twins! May God bless you both with happiness and prosperity for life.

9. Happy birthday, twins! May God fill your life with double blessings and wish you both a bright future!

10. It is a great pleasure to have twin friends like you. Happy birthday to you both!

11. Love how the two of you double down on troubles and always have each other’s backs! happy birthday love

12. Sending lovely wishes to the two lovely stars who are shining and shining all the way. God bless you both. happy B-Day.

13. Sending sweet wishes to the cutest pair of twins. Happy birthday, girls! have a blast!

14. Thanks for being my second pea on the pod. Man, we’re inseparable for real. Happy birthday to us brother!

15. Thanks for patting me on the back and lifting my mood, twins. Happy birthday to you, us. Besties, forever.

16. The sunshine is brighter than before because today is a day of double blessings, happiness and parties. Happy birthday twin brother.

17. You guys are unique in every way despite your look alike. Happy Birthday Twins!

18. Your presence doubles everything. I always have double fun with you as well as double trouble. happy Birthday brother.