36 Book Riddles For Kids With Answers

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Check out here the list of some book riddles for kids with answers.

Book Riddles For Kids And Students

1. A book costs $1 plus half its price. How much does it cost? Answer: The book costs $2. Let the cost be X. We know that: X = 1 + X/2. Solving for X will give 2.

2. A color is seen on a stoplight, an item you use to eliminate the darkness. What comic book character is it? Answer: Green Lantern.

3. A teacher is yelling, she closes the door, the window, and a book. What did she forget to close? Answer: Her mouth.

4. Don’t judge a book by its cover. What is the contradictory proverb? Answer: Clothes make the man.

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5. Four legs I do have, yet I never walk. I work not, yet I have food. All the food I get, none do I eat but you do. I cannot read yet many times I’m found with books. I am only but a carpenter’s work. What am I? Answer: A table.

6. How do you reach a book in an emergency room? Answer: Call its pager

7. I am the king’s, given by the people; Used by the king, on the people who gave him; everyone obeys him because he has me. What am I? Answer: Authority!

8. I am the shell of something interesting. My front is very eye-catching but my inside tells all. What am I? Answer: A Book.

9. I have 10 books and I label them with their number. I take seven out to read. How many books are left? Answer: 9! You have taken the book with the label seven!

10. I wiggled and cannot see, sometimes underground and sometimes on a tree. I really don’t want to be on a hook, and I become a person when combined with a book. What am I? Answer: Worm

11. My first is high, My second damp, My whole a tie, A writer’s cramp. What am I? Answer: Hyphen. The first two lines yield high-fen. A hyphen is used by a writer to tie (or cramp) two words together.

12. My life is often a volume of grief, your help is needed to turn a new leaf. Stiff is my spine and my body is pale, but I’m always ready to tell a tale. What am I? Answer: A book!

Book Riddles With Answers

13. My numbers may vary, thin as a sheet, take one away, and we’re just not complete. What am I? Answer: A Book.

14. My son was playing with a book and tore out pages 7, 8, 100, 101, 222, and 223. How many pages were torn out? Answer: 10. Remember pages of a book are double-sided. 7+8, 99+100, 101+102, 221+222, 223+224s.

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15. To find this clue you have to look, in the place where you read books? Answer: A library

16. What are the smartest creatures? Answer: Bookworms.

17. What building has the most stories? Answer: The library.

18. What did one math book say to the other math book? Answer: Do you want to hear my problems?

19. What did the robber say when he stole from the bookstore? Answer: “I had better book it out of here.”

20. What did the wall say to the bookcase? Answer: I’ll meet you at the corner.

21. What do aliens like to read? Answer: Comet books

22. What English word has three consecutive double letters? Answer: Bookkeeper.

23. What has a spine, but no bones? Answer: A book.

24. What has words but never speaks? Answer: A book

Book Riddles For Students

25. What is that which has many leaves, but no stem? Answer: A book.

26. What is the highest public building in your city? Answer: The library has the most stories.

27. What makes “Book, Box, and Noon” the same? Answer: There are all nouns.

28. What would we get if we threw all the books in the ocean? Answer: A title wave!

29. What’s a cat’s favorite book? Answer: Cat in a Hat

30. What’s the longest word in the dictionary? Answer: Smiles. Because there is a mile between each s.

31. When is a math book sad? Answer: When it is full of problems!

32. Where do bedtime books sleep? Answer: Under their covers.

33. Where do books sleep? Answer: Between their covers.

34. Why did everybody like to go out to eat with the librarian? Answer: She could always book a reservation.

35. Why were the notebooks afraid to go to college? Answer: Because the College ruled notebooks!

36. You go here to find books, where are you going? Answer: To the library