61 Business Leadership Quotes to take decisive actions

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Leadership in business is the ability to manage a company to achieve challenging goals and take decisive action. The goal of leadership in business is also to inspire other employees to achieve their common work targets. Find here the list of some business leadership quotes to lead the company for taking decisive actions. Apart from these business leadership quotes, you can also read our other inspirational quotes on don’t give up, life is beautiful, moving on, and positive attitude quotes.

Let’s read the collection of business leadership quotes.

1. “A confident woman wears a smile and has this air of comfortability and pleasantness about her.” ― Agu Jaachynma N.E.

2. “A good business adds value not only to individual people, but also to systems and networks of people. A good business has a multiplicative value effect.” ― Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr

3. “A leader with integrity is unbreakable.” ― Sabrina Horn

4. “A vision without execution is an hallucination.” ― Jeffrey E. Garten

5. “As a founder or a CEO, you have a unique opportunity—and responsibility—to set the values for your organization.” ― Sabrina Horn

6. “Be yourself! Don’t try to fabricate your personality in the guise of impressing others.” ― Ashish Patela

7. “Being confident and believing in your own self-worth is necessary to achieving your potential.” ― Sheryl Sandberg

8. “Business leaders a hundred years ago thought about business with a very mechanical way of thinking. But today and going forward, business leaders need to think about business with a biological and energetic way of thinking; thinking of business in terms of living systems.” ― Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr

9. “Business management requires its own skill set separate from being skilled at whatever service or product the business provides.” ― Hendrith Smith

10. “Business optimization is key to the strategic growth of an organization to reach its full potential.” ― Wayne Chirisa

11. “Business success depends on good business leadership, and that means hiring and partnering with only the people your business really needs. These are the smart, hardworking people who know your industry as well as, or even better than, you.” ― Kevin J. Donaldson

12. “Businesses are at all times and in different ways accountable to employees, suppliers, customers and community.” ― Hendrith Smith

13. “Dare to be different. Represent your maker well and you will forever abide in the beautiful embrace of his loving arms.” ― Jaachynma N.E. Agu

14. “Every business can benefit from good quality management consulting services. Consultants are able to gather, assemble and utilize data in unique ways. Consultants also have perspectives that are likely to be unique compared to the perspectives you find internal to your business.” ― Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr

15. “Everyone starts a business with passion, but not everyone starts it with enough planning.” ― Pooja Agnihotri

16. “Global supply chains have many constituents and responsible parties. Everyone in the supply chain has a responsibility to act in a way that promotes effeciency in the supply chain.” ― Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr

17. “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” ― Jack Welch

18. “Great leaders are great listeners. Leadership is no shallow business, it’s about acquisition of knowledge on the go, every moment.” ― Krishna Saagar Rao

19. “Great leaders are not micro-managers. Leadership is about making big things happen.” ― Krishna Saagar Rao

20. “If everyone is thinking the same way, nobody is thinking.” ― Sabrina Horn

21. “If you are open, vulnerable, disclosing, more likely than not it will be reciprocated and walls will come down.” ― Susan Scott

22. “If you want to serve your respective community focus on utilizing real leadership to better others’ quality of life and put politics aside so your constituents can look up to you. Your legacy is what matters the most more than a title of your leadership position.” ― Saaif Alam

23. “If you want to serve your respective community, focus on utilizing real leadership to better others’ quality of life and put politics aside so your constituents can look up to you. Your legacy is what matters the most more than a title of your leadership position.” ― Saaif Alam

24. “In many ways, the status quo is human nature; people are often paradoxically afraid of change and also afraid of staying the same – but when push comes to shove, staying the same seems safer.” ― Sean A. Culey

25. “Influential leaders know the importance of being approachable and relatable.” ― Germany Kent

26. “Instead of faking it in the hope of buying time to make it, find the time now to differentiate the imagined from the real.” ― Sabrina Horn

Inspirational Quotes about business leadership

27. “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to to , We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” ― Steve Jobs

28. “Leaders pursuing personal goals defeat the leadership purpose. Organizations can’t prosper with leaders driving personal agenda.” ― Krishna Saagar Rao

29. “Leaders shouldn’t lie.” ― Krishna Saagar Rao

30. “Leaders without grand vision can’t accomplish great results. Thinking big is a necessity for a leader.” ― Krishna Saagar Rao

31. “Leaders, the quicker you shift your perspective from yourself to how you can help others is when you will become more effective.” ― Germany Kent

32. “Leadership begins and ends with relationships” ― Richard Polak

33. “Leadership is all about taking initiatives.” ― Krishna Saagar Rao

34. “Leadership is not about saving one’s chair, undercutting others, selfish persuits and hogging all the limelight.” ― Krishna Saagar Rao

35. “Making things better requires that you understand how people feel in response to what you do.” ― Betty Johnson

36. “Optimistic leaders look for solutions at all times, often when the stakes are highest, at the darkest moments, at the eleventh hour.” ― Sabrina Horn

37. “Our power as individuals is multiplied when we gather together as families, teams, and communities with common goals.” ― Susan Scott

38. “People do business with people they know, like and trust.” ― Germany Kent

39. “Rejection is an opportunity for your selection.” ― Bernard Branson

40. “Reliability is the fuel for compounding strength of a leader. Loss of reliability results in loss of confidence in one’s leadership.” ― Krishna Saagar Rao

41. “Remember that what gets talked about and how it gets talked about determines what will happen. Or won’t happen. And that we succeed or fail, gradually then suddenly, one conversation at a time.” ― Susan Scott

42. “Running a successful business means making the right decisions at the right time based on reality.” ― Sabrina Horn

43. “Savvy leaders use empathy to relieve that emotional strain. They use it so that video meetings are beneficial for everyone.” ― Betty Johnson

44. “Secure leaders multiply and compound leadership in an organization. Insecure leaders successfully undermine.” ― Krishna Saagar Rao

45. “Self-other awareness enables you to show respect for their feelings instead of being overwhelmed by their feelings, your pity, or your intolerance.” ― Betty Johnson

46. “Success in today’s competitive marketplace favors leaders who are transparent and forward thinking, those who promote and celebrate diversity, and individuals who maintain a commitment to inclusion.” ― Germany Kent

47. “The best way to protect an asset is with systems that self organize and self execute behaviors which function as protective to the asset.” ― Hendrith Smith

48. “The industrial model doesn’t work any more, yet many businesses still behave as if it does. They will have to wise up quick.” ― Sean A. Culey

49. “The paradox of change is that while everyone says they want change, not many people actually like it, and even less want to lead it.” ― Sean A. Culey

50. “There are fewer things more poisonous than unresolved issues, resentment, and distrust within a leadership team.” ― Sabrina Horn

51. “There is a world of difference between doing your best and pretending that you are doing the best.” ― Sabrina Horn

52. “Thriving through change requires clear strategy. But ironically, it also requires the willingness to toss all of your existing plans out the window if the business is presented with new data or new circumstances that delegitimize the clear strategy.” ― Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr

53. “Unless today is well lived, tomorrow is not important.” ― Alan Sakowitz

54. “When two brothers are busy fighting, an evil man can easily attack and rob their poor mother. Mankind should always stay united, standing shoulder to shoulder so evil can never cheat and divide them.” ― Suzy Kassem

55. “When what they feel evokes something familiar in you, you’re likely to mimic their emotions unconsciously.” ― Betty Johnson

56. “Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” ― Peter F. Drucker

57. “Where we fall are the stepping-stones for our journey.” ― Lolly Daskal

58. “Workers are begging us to lighten their load, to remove the burdens, the hassles, and the irritants that come with video meetings.” ― Betty Johnson

59. “You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” ― Steve Jobs

60. “You might think that, as an executive, admitting mistakes shows weakness, but handled in the right way, it actually shows strength.” ― Sabrina Horn

61. “You need to be ready to lead by example and live up to those values in every way. Every. Single. Day.” ― Sabrina Horn

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