21 Cody Rhodes Inspirational Quotes To Motivate Yourself

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Cody Rhodes is a multifaceted personality who has made a name for himself in the world of professional wrestling and acting. He is known for his charismatic personality and dynamic in-ring style, which have made him a fan favorite. Rhodes is also renowned for his thought-provoking and inspiring quotes that reflect his passion for the wrestling industry and his drive to succeed. Whether he’s discussing the importance of hard work and perseverance or sharing his thoughts on the value of family and friendship, Rhodes’s words are always insightful and motivating. For anyone looking for a little inspiration and guidance in their own lives, Cody Rhodes quotes are a great place to start.

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Cody Rhodes Inspirational Quotes

1. “WWE is the biggest, most wonderful company, and they have WrestleMania, so almost any professional wrestler is going to seek that goal.” ― Cody Rhodes

2. “’Final Countdown’ would be a welcomed tune, even as a competitor.” ― Cody Rhodes

3. “I believe in hard work, but I believe in vindication as well. You have a few nightmares, I imagine before you reach your dream.” ― Cody Rhodes

4. “The feeling, the sensation behind it is, it’s exciting to cherry-pick and select and be your own boss and to be in control of your own brand; however, it’s a lot of work.” ― Cody Rhodes

5. “It’s my whole life, brother. It’s a world title. It has been something I’ve worked for and quested for, and now I have the opportunity to compete for one.” ― Cody Rhodes

6. “You go real long in this business, and then you have these light-bulb moments. I just had this fleeting moment of fearlessness and a moment of trust in myself that I’m not going to listen to anyone. I’m going to do it how I want to do it. And how I want to do is what people are going to want to see and promoters want to pay for.” ― Cody Rhodes

7. “I’m looking at the belt on the top of the bag across from me, and it still hasn’t fully hit me. There are multiple stages to all of this, but I know that every time I walk into a gym or go to a new locker room since I won the title, I’ve felt like the world champion.” ― Cody Rhodes

8. “I wanted to be a world champion of some sort since I got into the industry when I was 15 years old, and I was able to do that.” ― Cody Rhodes

9. “Every time someone told me I couldn’t, I did. I’m still the same guy who’s responsible for one of the better Intercontinental runs of all time and changing that title.” ― Cody Rhodes

10. “I put my confidence in Ring of Honor because they put their confidence in me.” ― Cody Rhodes

11. “I think one of my biggest attributes as a person and a businessman in wrestling is I’m very self-aware. There’s a reason why I like all of the negative comments on social media. It’s because I’m not delusional about my skillset, my consistency, and what I have to offer.” ― Cody Rhodes

12. “I had seen a lot of people who had been released from WWE, or asked for their release, and gone out into the wild unknown. There are more cases of it being unsuccessful than successful.” ― Cody Rhodes

13. “I reached a point where nothing scares me in this industry, mainly because I grew up in it. My earliest memory is of 4 years old, getting in a wrestling ring.” ― Cody Rhodes

14. “Nothing has been more exciting for me than knowing that Ring of Honor is experiencing its best crowds, its best buy rates, and its best merchandise numbers while I’m the champion.” ― Cody Rhodes

15. “One thing I learned from my old man is that people are going to be happy for you, but not too happy. When the tables are turned and you’re hanging out on top with a guy like Randy Orton, who is in the main event at Wrestlemania, not all the guys are going to like you.” ― Cody Rhodes

16. “One of the last things that my dad and I discussed, and it sticks with me today, is that he no longer believed in the concept of Good Guy/Bad Guy. He believed in the idea that one guy is trying to beat the other. However, he would say, ‘You can be a Good Guy/Bad Guy, or you can just be a star.’” ― Cody Rhodes

17. “I’m in the best shape I can possibly be in, and I’m drug-free. I’m doing what I have wanted to do my entire life, so life is good.” ― Cody Rhodes

18. “When I wasn’t wrestling, I got back into school a little bit. In Dallas, there was VIP Wrestling, and in Atlanta, AR Fox has a great school, so it’s good to get back in there and continue to learn.” ― Cody Rhodes

19. “Everything in the business is based on the idea of a World Championship. WWE, World Heavyweight Championship, Universal Title, the ROH Title, or the IWGP Title – they are all World Championships. The best of the best.” ― Cody Rhodes

20. “Entertainment is changing so much because of the devices we have in our hands. I’m really proud to be at the forefront of that. You don’t have to work in one place. It’s our generation. As much as we get knocks against us, we don’t accept non-quality work in our entertainment. We’re no longer force-fed. Wrestling is going through that.” ― Cody Rhodes

21. “When guys leave – whether they decide to leave or they’re forced out – there’s usually this period of time we see them around the world, and they can ride that WWE wave and use it, and then it goes away. It loses its luster after a few months.” ― Cody Rhodes

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