Common Questions Related to Blogging from Popular Blogs

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Before you start your blogging career, you may have some questions in your mind or you may need some guidance on how to start a blog or how to make successful it. There are many successful bloggers around the world, who have already shared their knowledge about blogging.

So, here is the list of most common questions related to blogging which are collected from popular blogging sites.

10 most common Blogging questions answered [ShoutMeLoud]

  1. Is there new Content available?
  2. How often should you update your blog?
  3. What should be the ideal length of your blog posts?
  4. How do I turn blog traffic into subscribers?
  5. Can new Blog Make Money Instantly?
  6. What should my First Post be?
  7. Which theme is the best for my Blog?
  8. Should I accept Guest Post on my Blog?
  9. Where do I find help?

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15 Most Common Blogging Questions []

  1. Why Do I Need A Blog?
  2. What’s The Best Blogging Platform?
  3. What Types Of Blog Posts Are There?
  4. How Often Should I Post To My Blog?
  5. How Do I Schedule My Blog Content?
  6. How Do I Consistently Come Up With Ideas For New Posts?
  7. How Do I Write An Effective Headline?
  8. How Long Should My Posts Be?
  9. What Are The Benefits Of Using Images In Posts?
  10. How Do I Optimize My Blog Posts For Search Engines?
  11. How Can I Promote Each Blog Post?
  12. How Can I Engage And Grow My Blog Community?
  13. How Can I Make Money Blogging?
  14. How Do I Convert Blog Visitors Into Potential Customers?
  15. How Do Analyze My Blog’s Performance?

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Blogging Questions & Answers []

  1. How do you do SEO?
  2. What are the tools you can’t live without?
  3. What’s a big mistake you think beginner bloggers should avoid?
  4. What blogging platform do you use?
  5. Do I really need an Email list?
  6. How often should I publish content?
  7. What’s the ideal length for a blog post?
  8. How do I increase my traffic?
  9. Can my blog make money?
  10. How do I get help regarding blog?
  11. How do you maintain the blog/business/life balance?

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7 Essential Questions to ask yourself []

  1. Are you passionate about helping your audience?
  2. Are you willing to do it for free, at least for a while?
  3. Do you have a unique voice?
  4. Can you build a network?
  5. Are you willing to learn?
  6. Are you setting goals?
  7. Are you willing to do what it takes to succeed?

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10 questions to ask yourself before posting []

  1. How quickly can my readers understand what my post is about?
  2. Does my blog offer something novel or unexpected?
  3. How helpful is my content?
  4. Why should my readers trust me?
  5. Does my content speak to people on a human level?
  6. Is my post easy to read and scroll through?
  7. Does my content cover what needs to be discussed or answered?
  8. Am I revealing enough information about my topic?
  9. Am I fulfilling my readers’ expectations?
  10. Am I reaching out for support?

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100 Most-Asked Blogging Questions []

Here Blogging questions are divided into 5 categories by Lady Boss Blogger:

  1. Technical
  2. Traffic
  3. Content
  4. Niche
  5. Money

Technical related Questions

  1. Which blogging platform is best suited for my content?
  2. Should I pay for a blogging site or should I use a free service?
  3. What does it mean to “self-host” and is it the right option for me?
  4. Are there any good websites to help with a blog layout design?
  5. Which color schemes catch the eye more?
  6. Which fonts are the easiest to read online?
  7. How can I make my blog layout as reader-friendly as possible?
  8. How can I make a mobile-friendly website layout?
  9. How many types of media should I use (photos, video, audio)?
  10. How do I make my blog show up on search engines?
  11. How do I choose a domain name that works for my site?
  12. Should I create a logo, and if so, how?
  13. Do I need a legal statement on my blog and how do I write one?
  14. How can I make sure I follow copyright laws correctly?
  15. Is it worth paying a website designer to help with my site?
  16. How much time should I give myself before launching the site?
  17. Do I need to know anything about coding when building my site?
  18. What should I do if there are glitches on my site?
  19. Do I need professional equipment to take good photos or videos?
  20. How do I keep my site from looking cluttered and make it look more professional?

Traffic related Questions

  1. How do I get people to read my posts?
  2. How do I promote my blog?
  3. Should I pay to promote my blog?
  4. What social media platforms are best to advertise on?
  5. How much self-promotion is too much self-promotion?
  6. Can I ask my friends to spread the word about my blog?
  7. What’s the best way to collaborate with other bloggers and work together to increase blog traffic?
  8. How many people do I need to read my content?
  9. Quality> Quantity or vice versa when it comes to posts?
  10. I have followers. Now how do I keep them?
  11. How often should I post?
  12. Should I repost my blog posts on social media?
  13. What’s the best way to engage with my followers?
  14. How do I choose effective hashtags?
  15. How does keyword optimization work?
  16. How do I create an email newsletter and what should it include?
  17. How do I get social media followers to actually read and subscribe to my blog?
  18. How many social media graphics should I create for each post?
  19. Should I focus all my attention on one platform or spread it thinly over many?
  20. How closely should I manage the comment section?

Content related Questions

  1. What time of day should I upload?
  2. How do I know if my content is credible?
  3. How long should each post be?
  4. How do I make a catchy title?
  5. What’s a good way to start off my post?
  6. Do I need an editorial calendar?
  7. Should I aim to write posts that elicit comments?
  8. How can I blog strategically?
  9. What is content marketing?
  10. What is a good way to make my writing style more relatable?
  11. How do I find my voice in writing?
  12. How far ahead should I have content scheduled?
  13. How can I get writers to guest post for me?
  14. How much content needs to be written by me vs. guest posts?
  15. What do I do if I don’t like what someone else submitted as a guest post?
  16. How can I strengthen my writing skills?
  17. Should my posts have a consistent format?
  18. What do I do when I run out of post ideas?
  19. Should I ever delete old posts?
  20. How do I handle writer’s block?

Niche related Questions

  1. Do my passions fit into a niche?
  2. Is it ok for my blog to feature more than one niche?
  3. Are there a lot of people who also blog about your niche?
  4. How do I differentiate myself?
  5. What insight and skills do I have that other people don’t?
  6. Where can I find other bloggers to interact with?
  7. Are some niches more profitable than others?
  8. What if I run out of things to write about?
  9. What kind of niche is the right one to write about?
  10. Are there niches that are more long-lasting than others?
  11. Does everything I write about have to fit within the niche specifically?
  12. How can I find other bloggers who are writing about my niche?
  13. Is there such a thing as a niche that’s “too popular?”
  14. Is it ever okay to change my niche?
  15. Should I choose a niche for its profitability?
  16. Is it possible to make an unpopular niche profitable?
  17. How do I brainstorm topics for my niche?
  18. Am I an expert in my niche and do I need to be?
  19. What if I run out of blog post ideas for my niche?
  20. Is collaboration or competition within the niche more healthy for blogs?

Money related Questions

  1. What are the best avenues to make a profit with my blog?
  2. How do I not cheapen my brand in the process?
  3. How much time/resources should I devote to this blog if it’s a side hustle?
  4. How much time/resources should I devote to this blog if it’s a full-time gig?
  5. What affiliations should I make to draw more money into my site?
  6. Do I need to let my followers know that I’m making money from a post?
  7. How do I write a product review?
  8. What if I’m reviewing a product for a company and I don’t like it?
  9. What are profit-making sources to avoid?
  10. What should I avoid spending money on as a blogger?
  11. At what point do I need to start putting my blogging revenue on tax forms?
  12. How should I log my profits?
  13. What the best type of payment methods to use?
  14. How long should I expect to be blogging before I make money?
  15. How much money should I invest in my blog before I should see a profit?
  16. Should I pay to advertise my blog on social media?
  17. Should I charge other bloggers to guest post on my blog?
  18. How do I keep a genuine voice if I’m blogging for profit?
  19. Are there any scams for bloggers I should be aware of?
  20. At what point is it ok for me to quit my full-time job in the hopes of being a full-time blogger?

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23 Questions for Bloggers – Is a Blog Right for You? [Pro Blogger]

  1. Do you enjoy writing?
  2. What’s your message to readers?
  3. Are you a good communicator?
  4. Are you better at writing or speaking?
  5. Do you want to be the central voice on your website?
  6. Are you a self-starter?
  7. Are you disciplined?
  8. Do you have time?
  9. Are you thick-skinned?
  10. Are you willing to be in the public spotlight?
  11. Do you have any technical ability?
  12. Do you take yourself too seriously?
  13. Do you take yourself too seriously?
  14. Are you willing to learn?
  15. Do you enjoy reading?
  16. Are you an organized person?
  17. Are you a Social person?
  18. Do you enjoy ‘virtual relationships?
  19. Are you a creative person?
  20. Do you have Stick-ability?
  21. Are you Consistent?
  22. Are you honest and transparent?
  23. Are you willing to work hard?

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