65 Company Culture Quotes for a strong foundation in business

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Company culture is the internal foundation on which everything in your business builds. Find the list of the best Company Culture Quotes that will help you to create a strong foundation for starting a company. Apart from these Company Culture Quotes, you can also read our other motivational quotes on business, brand, business leadership, business culture, board of directors, and business advice.

Let’s read the collection of the best Company Culture Quotes.

1. “A good Board Of Directors team is one where ideas are flowing fluidly – and where each idea is met with an initial welcome, an intellectual challenge, an expression of gratitude, a rigorous scrutiny and a readiness for action.” ― Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr

2. “A great leader not only leads, he turns followers into leaders!” ― Daren Martin

3. “A great proverb feeds the soul and fuels the mind!” ― Daren Martin

4. “Apart from growth and change caterpillars don’t become butterflies!” ― Daren Martin

5. “Being an owner has nothing to do with whose name is on the deed. An owner mentality is vital to success. Fire employees! Hire owners!” ― Daren Martin

6. “Businesses should free themselves from dogma, especially when leveraging data to build a business. No one got very far living out other people’s thinking.” ― Damian Mingle

7. “By positioning Theranos as a tech company in the heart of the Valley, Holmes channeled this fake-it-until-you-make-it culture, and she went to extreme lengths to hide the fakery.” ― John Carreyrou

8. “Choose paths wisely, they lead to places.” ― Daren Martin

9. “Companies need to step beyond creating a “Culture” and nurture “Employee Community.” ― Ted Rubin

10. “Creating a company culture is the first operational step in becoming a bold, brave fempreneur. It creates certainty, a road map and stability.” ― Amber Hurdle

11. “Culture is what a group of people believes to be acceptable and unacceptable behavior.” ― Andrew YJ Kim

12. “Customers want someone just like them, even when it comes to picking a company.” ― Pooja Agnihotri

13. “Different outcomes require new ways of thinking and acting. The old way always leads to the old results.” ― Daren Martin

14. “Don’t be surprised when you arrive at a place at the end of a road you insist on traveling down!” ― Daren Martin

15. “Excess is the enemy of excellence.” ― Daren Martin

16. “Find another solution. That’s how you move toward success.” ― Amber Hurdle

17. “Good companies, committed to a cause, are one of the greatest forces for good in our world.” ― Tim Burningham

18. “I don’t know what the answer is, precisely, but I know it starts when we stop blaming Obama or Bush or faceless companies and ask ourselves what we can do to make things better.” ― J.D. Vance

19. “If the world is progressing faster than your company or organization prepare for extinction!” ― Daren Martin

20. “If your culture is how you do business internally, your brand is what people believe about you externally.” ― Amber Hurdle

21. “Inspiring people is reminding them of what they are capable of.” ― Daren Martin

22. “Instead of waiting for a leader you can believe in, try this: Become a leader you can believe in.” ― Stan Slap

23. “Leaders who leadershift must be like water. They have to be fluid. Water finds a way, then makes a way.” ― John C. Maxwell

24. “Mediocrity is easy. Excellence takes work!” ― Daren Martin

Inspirational Quotes about Company Culture

25. “People want guidance, not rhetoric. They need to know what the plan of action is, and how it will be implemented. They want to be given responsibility to help solve the problem and authority to act on it.” ― Howard Schultz

26. “Picture who you want to be. Write it down. Work on it until that person appears in the mirror!” ― Daren Martin

27. “Relying on current successes to drive future growth is preparing for bitter disappointment!” ― Daren Martin

28. “Respect the past, relish the present, create the future!” ― Daren Martin

29. “Service standards create the standard of expectation that you and all team members follow when interacting with customers.” ― Amber Hurdle

30. “Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of everyone of its members. Society is a joint-stock company, in which the members agree, for the better securing of his bread to each shareholder, to surrender the liberty and culture of the eater. The virtue in most request is conformity. Self-reliance is its aversion. It loves not realities and creators, but names and customs.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

31. “Surround yourself with people who surround themselves with more than just people.” ― Broms The Poet

32. “The best things in life are the ones you already have!” ― Daren Martin

33. “The human dimension of organizational change is vital. Because ultimately, a company is a collaboration of people.” ― Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr

34. “The key difference between captain and coach? The latter’s opportunities for influence come at moments when play isn’t happening,” ― Carolyn Taylor

35. “The more you know about anything, the more creative you are about everything!” ― Daren Martin

36. “The most critical success factor for leaders is their ability to influence the right people, at the right time, about the right thing.” ― Daren Martin

37. “The purpose of leadership is to change the world around you in the name of your values, so you can live those values more fully.” ― Stan Slap

38. “Think of yourself as a seed, and a company culture is the soil. You won’t grow in just any soil. Some soil is made for you, some isn’t. And good companies are very much aware of what seed they’re planting if they want to see the fruits one day.” ― Hamza Zaouali

39. “To gain your share of the market, you must show how your company is different and how your culture produces a unique experience for your customers, leaving no room for competition. And that, Bombshell, is your brand.” ― Amber Hurdle

40. “To solve a problem first understand it!” ― Daren Martin

41. “To stay vigorous, a company needs to provide a stimulating and challenging environment for all these types: the dreamer, the entrepreneur, the professional manager, and the leader. If it doesn’t, it risks becoming yet another mediocre corporation.” ― Howard Schultz

42. “True happiness lies with those who celebrate the quotidian as well as the extraordinary!” ― Daren Martin

43. “Until every team member views the company as an interdependent enterprise, you will never have an owner company.” ― Daren Martin

44. “Value multiplies in the hands of the competent, divides in the hands of the incompetent.” ― Daren Martin

45. “Values are the measuring stick for how you make decisions in business: goal setting, employee conduct, recognition, discipline—everything.” ― Amber Hurdle

46. “We need to adopt the mindset to view people and culture as assets and investments rather than expenses.” ― Andrew YJ Kim

47. “We, newbies and young programmers, don’t like chaos because it makes us dependent on experts. We have to beg for information and feel bad” ― Yegor Bugayenko

48. “What if you helped your people believe things they have no business believing?” ― Tim Burningham

Best Quotes about culture and tradition

49. “What you permit becomes your culture.” ― Stephen Inoue

50. “When a big vision meets a dysfunctional system, the dysfunctional system wins every time. Fix the system and success will flourish!” ― Daren Martin

51. “When you create a company culture, you are drawing your lines in the sand for you, first & then for anyone else who does business with you.” ― Amber Hurdle

52. “When you have a strong company culture it will shine through your brand and you can authentically say, “This is what our brand is about.” ― Amber Hurdle

53. “When you’re a manager, you work for your company. When you’re a leader, your company works for you.” ― Stan Slap

54. “While a mission statement speaks to why a company exists, a vision statement communicates what you want to accomplish in the future.” ― Amber Hurdle

55. “Wisdom is honey for the soul!” ― Daren Martin

56. “You can’t be “it” for everyone. In fact, if you try to please everyone, you will please no one, especially yourself.” ― Amber Hurdle

57. “You really don’t want all five-star online reviews. Research shows that it looks fake to people. Customers want something real, and they know that some people are not gonna like every company. And that’s okay.” ― Miles Anthony Smith

58. “You want how you do business to be consistent among all team members, including partners, management, employees, and even vendors.” ― Amber Hurdle

59. “Your brand is what your customers and potential customers think about you; your culture is who you say you are and how you do business.” ― Amber Hurdle

60. “Your company culture is made up of the family rules of your business that establish consistent expectations among all.” ― Amber Hurdle

61. “Your company culture is the internal foundation on which everything in your business builds.” ― Amber Hurdle

62. “Your culture is the birthplace of your brand.” ― Amber Hurdle

63. “Your mission statement outlines why your company exists. It doesn’t have to be all fancy-pants, just a clear statement of what you do.” ― Amber Hurdle

64. “Your mission statement, vision statement, core values, and service standards provide a clear focus for all while keeping your team humble and hungry. It creates that family environment in which your employees enjoy coming to work and dealing with the challenges they face each day.” ― Amber Hurdle

65. “Your personal core values define who you are, and a company’s core values ultimately define the company’s character and brand. For individuals, character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny.” ― Tony Hsieh

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