Diablo 4 Couch Co-op Not Working: How to Fix It?

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Diablo 4 is finally here, at least in beta form. Many players are eager to try out the game’s features, especially the couch co-op mode that allows you to play with a friend on the same console. However, some players have reported that they are unable to play couch co-op during the beta, either because they can’t join a game with their existing characters or because they encounter performance issues or bugs. In this blog post, we will explain about the issue “Diablo 4 Couch Co-op Not Working” and how to fix some of the common problems with couch co-op in Diablo 4 beta and enjoy the game with your buddy.

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Diablo 4 couch co-op is not working

However, some players have reported that couch co-op is not working properly in the beta version of Diablo 4. According to various sources, some of the issues include:

– Long login queues that prevent players from accessing the game

– The ‘Play’ tab not working properly

– Localization shortcomings (it’s a beta, it’s not finished)

– Couch co-op issues with heroes not loading

How to fix the Diablo 4 couch co-op is not working?

If you’re having trouble playing Diablo 4 beta with your friends on the same couch, you’re not alone. Many players have reported issues with the local co-op feature during the beta test. Here are some possible solutions to fix it:

Create Two Characters (Console Only)

To play couch co-op, you’ll need to create two characters on your console. Once the game boots up and you have a second controller connected, it can immediately be detected and the game will offer a co-op gameplay option. You can also have the second player press the option button on their controller to initiate couch co-op.

Connect Your Battle.Net Account

In addition to having two characters, you also have to make sure that your PlayStation or Xbox account has a respective Battle.Net account connected to it. This is a necessary requirement to playing couch co-op, so if you weren’t able to play co-op, this could possibly be the issue. To connect your Battle.Net account, follow these steps:

  • Go to [https://account.battle.net/](https://account.battle.net/) and log in or create an account if you don’t have one.
  • Go to [https://account.battle.net/connections/console](https://account.battle.net/connections/console) and select your console platform.
  • Follow the instructions on screen to link your console account with your Battle.Net account.

Check for Known Bugs and Issues

Even if you have done everything correctly, you may still encounter some bugs and issues while playing couch co-op in Diablo 4 beta. Blizzard has acknowledged some of these problems and is working on fixing them. Here are some of the known bugs and issues that may affect your couch co-op experience:

  • If players trigger the Lorath intro cutscene while it’s light outside, their shadows will shimmer until the Prologue is finished. Workaround: Skip the cutscene.
  • In-game voice chat may not function correctly.
  • Performance optimizations are still in progress and players might encounter some performance issues, particularly on older consoles or PCs with dated hardware components. Workaround: Lowering Diablo 4’s settings on PC may help mitigate performance issues.
  • The ‘Play’ tab at the top of the Character Selection screen is clickable but currently it doesn’t lead to another menu.
  • Users may experience a queue while logging into Diablo IV during the Early Access Beta Weekend. Blizzard says that the countdown may finish and go beyond the duration listed. Players are advised NOT to leave the queue since this will refresh their position in it, sending them to “the back of the line”.
  • During the beta players will be able to select from a wide variety of work-in-progress “Text Language” options beyond English. English will be the only available option for “Spoken Language” during the beta, but Blizzard says other languages will be available at launch.
  • Player 2 may have an issue joining games with a pre-existing hero while playing local co-op during the Prologue.
  • Players playing Hardcore difficulty in local co-op on console may not be able to return to character select until both players die.

If you encounter any other bugs or issues that are not listed here, you can report them on [https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/diablo4/c/bug-report/](https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/diablo4/c/bug-report/) or [https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/diablo4/c/bug-report-eu/](https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/diablo4/c/bug-report-eu/) depending on your region.

We hope this blog post has helped you fix some of the common problems with couch co-op in Diablo 4 beta and enjoy the game with your friend.

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