20 Best Inspirational Divinity Quotes

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Get the collection of the best inspirational quotes about divinity.

Inspirational Divinity Quotes

1. “Divinity means unfolding and expressing life in new ways. Divinity means radiating peace, bliss, and beauty in the world. Divinity means overcoming the limitations of nature in new ways.” ― Amit Ray

2. “Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.” ― Amit Ray

3. “Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

4. “Give time, give space to sprout your potential. Awaken the beauty of your heart – the beauty of your spirit. There are infinite possibilities.” ― Amit Ray

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5. “It is a denial of the divinity within us to doubt our potential and our possibilities.” ― James E. Faust

6. “The workings of the human heart are the most profound mystery of the universe. One moment they make us despair of our kind, and the next we see in them the reflection of the divine image.” ― Charles W. Chesnutt

7. “One should be embarrassed to speak of God in the third person.” ― Walter M. Miller Jr.

8. “We are to love God most importantly so that we can grow to love people as he loved us, not so that we can feel more divine and worthy than the worldly.” ― Criss Jami

9. “Your heart is where your inner light resides. It is part of every sacred journey to reconnect with your inner light, step into your divinity, spread the light of love before you, return to the essence of love, and inspire others to do the same.” ― Molly Friedenfeld

10. “The human creature, humiliated and offended in ways that are inconceivable to the mind and heart, defies the blind and deaf divinity.” ― Françoise Mauriac

11. “When you have the power to love, that strength, that courage is infinite; that love is infinite. There is nothing finite about its presence, for love. never. Dies.” ― Solange nicole

12. “Divinity is recognizing that you’re already successful, and you are on the way to achieving your highest potential. Divinity is keeping the objectives of the soul clear, beyond the guilt, shame, and embarrassment of life.” ― Amit Ray

13. “Divinity is just a fancy name for everyday kindness.” ― Abhijit Naskar

14. “I only know of one divinity – kindness. Save kindness all else is fiction – from the fundamental facts of physics to the direst doctrines of scripture.” ― Abhijit Naskar

15. “Division is the desecration of divinity.” ― Abhijit Naskar

16. “Divinity and worship are two different things. Worship is an act of self-preservation, divinity is an act of self-annihilation – divinity is the annihilation of the self for the uplift of others.” ― Abhijit Naskar

17. “Divinity of the heart outshines the divinity of the church every single time.” ― Abhijit Naskar

18. “Under the mask of the opposite, the divine soul is everywhere. Spirituality is recognizing that divinity.” ― Amit Ray

19. “WHEN YOU FALL IN LOVE, You change the world. You change everything Sun, moon, galaxies are created, Your genes are mutated WHEN YOU FALL IN LOVE.” ― Lon Milo DuQuette

20. “What is divinity, if not an everyday sense of kindness!” ― Abhijit Naskar