3 Easy Instagram strategies you must know to grow your IG

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Do you want to grow your Instagram page? You must read the IG post shared by Lucas in his IG account. Lucas is an IG expert who teaches people to grow their IG pages. He has explained in his post in just 3 strategies how you can grow your Instagram page.

He posted “Reels, Carousels, Stories, and all the other content formats on this platform sure can make it confusing so just pick one of these three post routines and stick to it based on your current goals.”

What are the strategies to grow your IG page?

  • For growth: Use 80% main feed content and 20% Reels. Main feed content helps your page to convert your visitors into followers.
  • For Reach: Use 20% main feed content and 80% Reels, If your account is new and you want to grow your page, then reels will help you to increase visitors to your page.
  • For Balance: Use 50% main feed content and 50% Reels, if you are comfortable with both main feed and reels content. It’s a balanced strategy.

Important points:

You need to focus on a few things to grow your page:

  • Post reels in your main feed
  • Post 3-5 engaging stories per day
  • Reels will help you to grow views, reach, Traffic, and likes
  • Carousels will help you to take action by visitors like saves, follows, comments.

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