20 Best Quotes About Empowerment

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Get the collection of the best inspirational quotes about empowerment.

Inspirational Quotes About Empowerment

1. “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” ― Rumi

2. “Empowerment is the ability to refine, improve, and enhance your life without co-dependency.” ― Steve Maraboli

3. “The moment you become friends with your inner Self, you realize that the failures or hindrances that you met earlier were caused more by your disconnected status with your inner Being.” ― Stephen Richards

4. “Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” ― Steve Maraboli

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5. “You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.” ― Roman Payne

6. “If you need something from somebody always give that person a way to hand it to you.” ― Sue Monk Kidd

7. “Don’t confuse poor decision-making with destiny. Own your mistakes. It’s ok; we all make them. Learn from them so they can empower you!” ― Steve Maraboli

8. “Responsibility to yourself means refusing to let others do your thinking, talking, and naming for you; it means learning to respect and use your own brains and instincts; hence, grappling with hard work.” ― Adrienne Rich

9. “Anything may happen when womanhood has ceased to be a protected occupation.” ― Virginia Woolf

10. “Women are never so strong as after their defeat.” ― Alexandre Dumas

11. “Free yourself from the complexities and drama of your life. Simplify. Look within. Within ourselves we all have the gifts and talents we need to fulfill the purpose we’ve been blessed with.” ― Steve Maraboli

12. “The things you think about determine the quality of your mind.” ― Marcus Aurelius

13. “Women and fiction remain, so far as I am concerned, unsolved problems.” ― Virginia Woolf

14. “Keep your language. Love its sounds, its modulation, its rhythm. But try to march together with men of different languages, remote from your own, who wish like you for a more just and human world.” ― Helder Camara

15. “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre

16. “Your dream is a reality that is waiting for you to materialize. Today is a new day! Don’t let your history interfere with your destiny! Learn from your past so that it can empower your present and propel you to greatness” ― Steve Maraboli

17. “Freedom begins the moment you realize someone else has been writing your story and it’s time you took the pen from his hand and started writing it yourself.” ― Bill Moyers

18. “The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.” ― Rumi

19. “Believe in yourself, your abilities and your own potential. Never let self-doubt hold you captive. You are worthy of all that you dream of and hope for.” ― Roy Bennett

20. “When you truly embrace your human impermanence you connect with the power you have, and influence you have, over the time you have.” ― Steve Maraboli