19 Engagement Anniversary Wishes And Messages

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Get a collection of engagement anniversary wishes and messages.

Engagement Anniversary Wishes And Messages

1. Congratulations on the anniversary of your {year} engagement my friend! May you continue to live a wonderful, happy and beautiful married life.

2. Dear sister, Happy engagement anniversary to you! I am very relieved to see your happy and successful married life. You two are cute together!

3. Dear wife, I am lucky to be your husband. Thank you for choosing me as your partner. Happy engagement anniversary.

4. Dear, you two are an incredible couple who inspire each other to be better people every day! Happy engagement anniversary to both of you!

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5. Even though I warned you to stay away from marriages, you still go ahead and get engaged to your soul mate! So Happy Engagement Anniversary!

6. Happy engagement anniversary dear. I can’t believe it’s already a year of your engagement. You guys are a match made in heaven. have a beautiful day!

7. Happy engagement anniversary to both of you! Wishing nothing but God’s constant blessings and mercy on you. May your special bond lead you to immense happiness!

8. Happy engagement anniversary to my favorite couple! Your journey has just begun; For you, two are destined for eternity! Be blessed and happy!

9. Happy engagement anniversary to my favorite couple. Have a nice day and a great celebration of your happy milestones!

10. Happy engagement anniversary to you! I cannot express in words how much this beautiful bond of yours impressed me.

11. Here’s to the commitment of a lifetime, eternal trust and zero logic that both of you promised each other! Happy engagement anniversary! Stop fighting now!

12. I am grateful to you for holding me so beautifully. I am really lucky to have found a loving husband like you. I wish you a wonderful engagement anniversary!

13. I am really amazed at your husband, how well he can accept all your stupidity. It must be difficult for him. Anyway, Happy Engagement Anniversary, Didi.

14. Let’s make today’s special day more special with some of our sweet moments. Wishing you a wonderful engagement anniversary!

15. My dear, today is one year of the day you wore a beautiful ring on my finger and made me yours forever. Happy first engagement anniversary to you!

16. My love, happy engagement anniversary. Today, years ago, it was one of the best days of my life. Every day has been beautiful for me since then. Dear I love you.

17. Sweetheart, Happy Engagement Anniversary! On this day, we promise ourselves a bond of trust, respect and unconditional love. Thank you for keeping that promise.

18. When my heart is filled with turmoil, I look into your eyes and then I am moved to a state of eternal peace and happiness. Happy anniversary to us engagement!

19. You be each other’s strength. Happy engagement anniversary, God bless your marriage.