59 Finance Pick Up Lines To Divert Your Mood

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It’s time to make your mood funny with some financial lines. Get here the list of some finance pick up lines.

1 to 20 Finance Pick Up Lines

1. Because I could really use some stimulus to manage the inflation in my pants.

2. Before we do this I have to ask, what sort of tail risk am I looking at?

3. Bottom up or top down? Copy This.

4. Call me your mutual fund, honey. Because with you, I’m showing interest.

5. Can I be an accountant for this love?

6. Can I deposit my number into your phone?

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7. Can I finance this love? Because I am confident it can grow like a stock of money.

8. Cutie, let’s role play. I’ll be the banking industry while you’ll be the American people in 2008.

9. Debits are left and credits are right, when I first looked at you it was love at first sight.

10. Fraud makes me sad while you make me glad.

11. From the first time I saw you; I remember your gorgeous smile more than I remember my first salary.

12. Girl, I don’t need to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to know you’re worth the investment.

13. Hey baby, have you heard of $JNUG?

14. Hey baby, if I told you that you have a beautiful body, would it improve your self-esteem to a threshold at which you’d have no interest in me?

15. Hey baby, you can call me your margin call, cause I’m going to f*ck the shit out of you.

16. Hey baby….my Robinhood account’s not the only thing about to get fawked in the as$ tonight.

17. Hey hun, can I buy some puts? ‘Cause I’d love to watch you go down.

18. Hey, I bought $SNAP at IPO. You like strap-ons?

19. I hope you’re a bear because I’m going to go down on you.

20. If you were a leveraged ETF, I’d hold you longer than a week.

21 to 40 Finance Pick Up Lines

21. Our society is underproducing but I’m sure if we got together we’d achieve an efficient allocation of resources.

22. The marginal returns of spending time with you will never diminish.

23. Unbalanced accounts are near misses. Perfect, though, are my hugs and kisses.

24. After a little restructuring let’s just I’d rate you a buy all day

25. Allow me to introduce myself: I am “borrower,” and you must be “lender.”

26. Baby, I love you so much I’m willing to forgo my exit option.

27. Baby, the way you support free markets stimulates growth in my private sector!

28. Baby, you’re not an option… you’re totally a future!

29. Bank, Economist, Money and Financial Pick Up Lines

30. Bottom up or top down?

31. Call me your mutual fund, honey. Because with you, I’m showing interest.

32. Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?

33. Come into my office and let’s take a look at your statements.

34. Come into my office and let’s take a look at your statements.

35. Did I tell you I’m filthy rich and my mother’s dead?

36. Did you just rob a bank cuz I can be your getaway.

37. Do you have a bank account? You must! Im saving all my love for you.

38. Do you like to role play? I’ll be the banking industry and you can play the American people.

39. Future projections put you at overweight but I’m still saying buy tonight

40. Girl you are so hot you are like my LBO MODEL

41 to 59 Finance Pick Up Lines

41. Girl, are you a stock? Because you sure like bouncing a lot!

42. Good thing I just bought term life insurance… because I saw you and my heart stopped!

43. Hey girl, would you be receptive to my takeover bid?

44. Hey there, can I WACC you off?

45. I have a feeling you really understand the “nature of the firm.”

46. I have a small penis, but a big bank account.

47. I’ll be your credit if you’ll be my debit.

48. I’ll be your debit if you’ll be my credit.

49. I’ll reveal my preferences if you will.

50. I’ll show you my forecast…if you’ll show me yours.

51. Let’s get this IPO off the ground. Initial Penetration of the Opening, that is.

52. Let’s go make some statements together

53. Let’s go to bed and try to disprove the law of diminishing marginal utility.

54. Let’s just say I’ve been with models before and know all about their sensitivity tables..

55. Now those are some tangible assets!

56. Why am I nervous about talking to you? Because you’re better than I deserve.

57. You look like a successful business woman, because you really know how to position yourself for me.

58. You must be fiscally irresponsible because I’m feeling inflationary pressure in my pants.

59. You seem nice, I just want to make sure you aren’t one of those FIFO guys