94 Best Food Trivia Questions And Answers

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If you are a food lover, then let’s test your knowledge with the help of the food trivia questions and answers.

1 to 31 Food Trivia Questions

1. How many herbs and spices are in Colonel Harland Sanders’ original KFC recipe? Answer: 11

2. How many spots are on the Dominoe’s pizza logo? Answer: Three

3. In 1997, Taco Bell launched an advertising campaign that grew to be wildly popular. What animal was the star of this campaign? Answer: A talking Chihuahua

4. July 13th is dedicated to which fast food in the U.S.A.? Answer: French Fries

5. The word “masala” can often be seen on some of the delicious menus served in India. What does the word “masala” mean? Answer: Mixture of spices

6. What popular Mexican fast-food chain was purchased by Denny’s restaurants in 1983? Answer: El Pollo Loco

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7. What was the first fast-food chain in China? Answer: KFC

8. What was the name of Subway’s previous spokesman who apparently lost 245 lbs. eating only Subway products? Answer: Jared Fogle

9. What were chicken nuggets called when they were first invented? Answer: Chicken Crispies

10. When was In-N-Out Burger founded? Answer: 1948

11. Where was Pizza Hut’s first restaurant built? Answer: Wichita, Kansas

12. Which breakfast chain is known for its “Grand-Slam Meal”? Answer: Denny’s

13. Which famous takeout container was invented by Frederick Weeks Wilcox in 1894? Answer: Chinese Takeout Box

14. Which fast food restaurant still boards the slogan “Have it your way”? Answer: Burger King

15. Which fast-food chain has the famous slogan, “Eat fresh!” Answer: Subway

16. Which fast-food chain has the most locations in the world? Answer: Subway

17. Which subs shop is famous for their toasted sub sandwiches? Answer: Quiznos

18. A “screwdriver” drink consists of what? Answer: Orange juice and vodka

19. A turtle candy is commonly made out of which three ingredients? Answer: Caramel, chocolate, and pecans

20. During prohibition, which soft drink was developed as an alternative to alcohol? Answer: IBC Root Beer

21. How many ice cream flavors does Baskin-Robins have? Answer: 31

22. In a New Orleans classic, bread pudding, what liquor is poured on top? Answer: Bourbon

23. Jack Daniels whiskey is made in which U.S. state? Answer: Tennessee

24. Other than butter, what is the main ingredient in buttercream frosting? Answer: Powdered sugar

25. What are the ingredients in a kamikaze cocktail? Answer: Vodka, triple sec, and lime juice

26. What are the three components in the fancy dessert, baked Alaska? Answer: Sponge cake, meringue, and ice cream

27. What is Dunkin’ Donuts’ slogan? Answer: America runs on Dunkin’

28. What is Maxwell Coffee named after? Answer: The Maxwell Hotel

29. What is the most common pizza topping? Answer: Pepperoni

30. What is the oldest soft drink in America? Answer: Dr. Pepper

31. When was cocaine removed from the famous soft drink, Coca-Cola? Answer: 1929

32 to 62 Food Trivia Questions

32. Which animal is commonly associated with Budweiser beer? Answer: Clydesdale horses

33. Which ingredients combine to create a ganache? Answer: Whipping cream and melted chocolate

34. Which popular cocktail is known to be served in a copper mug? Answer: Moscow Mule

35. Which soft drink was originally invented as a mixer for whiskey? Answer: Mountain Dew

36. Which spirit is known to be made from fermented rice? Answer: Sake

37. Which U.S. state is the only state to grow coffee beans? Answer: Hawaii

38. A common cookie made around Christmas time includes the ingredients of egg whites and coconut. What is the name of this cookie? Answer: Coconut macaroon

39. Haricot beans are used to make what? Answer: Baked beans

40. In Indian cuisine, what is roti? Answer: Bread

41. In medical emergencies, coconut water can also be used as what? Answer: Blood plasma

42. In which state was the chocolate chip cookie invented? Answer: Massachusetts

43. Percentage-wise, how much of a Twinkie consists of air? Answer: 68%

44. Soda mixed with ice cream creates which dessert? Answer: A float

45. The name for this popular dessert stems from the French word for “froth” or “foam”. Answer: Mousse

46. What are the four main ingredients in ice cream? Answer: Eggs, milk, cream, and sugar

47. What chemical is used to test for sugars in food? Answer: Benedict’s Solution

48. What is a flageolet? Answer: Bean

49. What is meant to be the main flavor in a traditional tiramisu? Answer: Coffee

50. What is the best-selling packaged cookie in the United States? Answer: Oreo’s

51. What is the culinary term for “according to the menu”? Answer: A la Carte

52. What is the name of the small, flat griddle used to cook tortillas and meat in Mexico? Answer: Comal

53. What is the national dish of China? Answer: Peking duck

54. What is the national dish of Scotland? Answer: Haggis

55. What was the name of the eleven-year-old boy that created popsicles? Answer: Frank Epperson

56. What was the profession of William Morrison, the man who invented machine-spun cotton candy? Answer: Dentist

57. Which cake is known as the oldest cake in existence? Answer: Linzer Torte

58. Which distinct ingredient is used in Italian cheesecakes? Answer: Ricotta cheese

59. Which popular Greek dessert is made from filo pastry? Answer: Baklava

60. Chimichurri sauce originated in which country? Answer: Argentina

61. Dijon mustard is a product of which country? Answer: France

62. How is white sugar converted into brown sugar? Answer: By adding molasses

63 to 94 Food Trivia Questions

63. How many calories are in one gram of fat? Answer: 9 calories

64. The popular drink, matcha, originated in which country? Answer: Japan

65. The soup, Pho, originated in which country? Answer: Vietnam

66. What is the largest school of culinary arts, opened in 1895, called? Answer: Le Cordon Bleu

67. What is the only vitamin not found in an egg? Answer: Vitamin C

68. What is traditionally eaten the day before Ash Wednesday in the U.K.? Answer: Pancakes

69. What sweet treat did Milton Hershey originally make? Answer: Caramel

70. What was the first solid food eaten in space? Answer: Corned beef sandwich on rye bread

71. What was the original color of carrots? Answer: Purple

72. What was the original tagline for SPAM? Answer: The Meat of Many Uses!

73. What was the plant-based substance that originally went into marshmallows? Answer: Sap from the mallow plant!

74. When baking chicken, what is known to be the minimum safe internal temperature? Answer: 165 degrees Fahrenheit

75. Where does margherita pizza get its name? Answer: From a queen – Queen Margherita of Savoy

76. Where was Gatorade invented? Answer: University of Florida

77. Which Asian country is known to be the world’s leading producer of tea? Answer: China

78. Which band was first to ever appear on a lunchbox? Answer: The Beatles

79. Which country exports the largest amount of food? Answer: The United States of America

80. Which country is known for introducing chopsticks? Answer: China

81. Who invented the spork (spoon-fork, the brunch of utensils)? Answer: Samuel W. Francis

82. How much celery would you have to eat to equal a glass of water? Answer: About 2.5 cups

83. What can be found in red-dyed foods, like red velvet cake and red Skittles? Answer: Crushed beetles

84. What can happen to pearls in vinegar? Answer: They can dissolve! So much for cleaning house in your pearls and heels!

85. What do ranch dressing, powdered sugar, and sunscreen have in common? Answer: Titanium dioxide for that white color

86. What does Leslie Knope always order at JJ’s Diner in the series Parks and Recreation? Answer: Waffles

87. What food products often contain trace amounts of wood? Answer: Cheese and cereal

88. What fruit (or perhaps you call it a vegetable) can erase pen marks? Answer: Cucumber peel!

89. What is the difference between brown rice and white rice? Answer: Brown rice has a bran layer and germ intact after milling to remove the hull, white rice has this removed.

90. What is the drink of choice for The Dude in The Big Lebowski? Answer: White Russian

91. What is the name of a tall chef’s hat? Answer: Toque

92. What tire company awards prestigious rankings to restaurants around the world, considered among the highest honor chefs can earn? Answer: Michelin

93. When Ruth Whitfield ran out of baking chocolate, what did she end up inventing? Answer: Chocolate chip cookies

94. Which fast-food chain settled a lawsuit for $500,000 because of their too-hot coffee? Answer: McDonald’s