15 Friendship Anniversary Wishes And Messages

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Get a collection of friendship anniversary wishes and messages.

Friendship Anniversary Wishes And Messages

1. Dear bestfriend, you have been nothing but a patient, kind and wonderful friend to me over the years, and I love you for that! Happy Friendship Anniversary!

2. Dear friend, Happy Friendship Anniversary! Thank you for always patting me on the back!

3. Dear friend, it’s only been a year since I met you, but it looks like we’ve been friends for years! Wishing us a happy first anniversary!

4. Happy Friendship Anniversary, my dear friend! A warm hug to you!

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5. I knew our bond would be on another dimension because we are the same kind of crazy. Thank you for staying up late and discussing every issue with me. you are a gem. I love you.

6. I never thought I would have a friend in my life who would be no less than my family, but here you are! Happy Friendship Anniversary!

7. My friend, Happy 1st year of our friendship! Time flies when I am with you because every moment is filled with laughter and happiness! love you always!

8. Not everyone is blessed to have a true friend in life, but I found myself a guardian angel and a soul mate in you! Happy Friendship Anniversary!

9. Our friendship means the whole world to me. Thanks for all the memories. darling you my love

10. Thank you for holding the most important place in my heart. Without your support, it would not have been possible to be who I am today. Love you, always and always.

11. Thank you for lighting up my darkest nights and making everything 10x beautiful. I love you so much, friend. Happy friendship anniversary. May God bless you.

12. Thank you for making me smile so many times, I thought I could never smile again. Happy friendship anniversary. You are my enthusiasm, I love you very much.

13. Thanks for hyping me up on even my worst decisions. I am really blessed to have a great friend like you in my life. Happy Friendship Anniversary, Dear.

14. The universe brought us closer for a reason and that reason is to love and support each other through sadness and happiness. Happy Friendship Anniversary, my friend!

15. You are one in a million! Happy friendship anniversary to you!