Full Form of PVR: Priya Village Roadshow

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The full form of PVR is “Priya Village Roadshow”, a popular chain of multiplex cinemas in India.

About PVR

PVR is India’s largest and most premium film and entertainment company. It was founded in 1997 and has since grown to become the largest cinema chain in India, with a presence in over 50 cities. PVR offers a premium movie-going experience with its state-of-the-art theaters, comfortable seating, and a range of food and beverage options. In addition to regular cinema screenings, PVR also offers special experiences like Gold Class and Directors Cut, which feature VIP seating and gourmet food. With its commitment to providing the best possible movie-going experience, PVR has become a popular destination for film fans across India.

PVR Cinemas has its roots in Priya Cinema located in Vasant Vihar, Delhi, named after Priya Jaisinghani and acquired by Ajay Bijli’s father in 1978 who was also involved in the trucking business through Amritsar Transport Co. In 1988, Bijli took control of the cinema and transformed it in 1990, leading to the establishment of PVR Cinemas. The company was formed through a joint venture between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited with a 60:40 ratio in 1995 and began its commercial operations in June 1997. The founder Chairman and Managing Director of PVR Cinemas is Ajay Bijli and his brother, Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, serves as Joint Managing Director of PVR Ltd. The company also has a proactive CSR wing under PVR. The first PVR Gold Screen was introduced in Bengaluru’s Forum Mall.

PVR revealed their partnership with the film “RRR” for promotion purposes in October 2021. As part of the collaboration, PVR would temporarily rebrand itself as “PVRRR” at its 170+ locations across 70 cities for a few months after the film’s release on March 25, 2022. In June of the following year, PVR announced a partnership with French luxury theater company, Ice Theatres, a subsidiary of CGR Theatres, to establish new premium theaters in India.

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