20 Funny Get Well Soon Messages And Wishes

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Get a collection of funny get well soon wishes and messages.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages And Wishes

1. Don’t worry we’re counting down your sick leave. Rules are rules and work for everyone, right? get well soon.

2. For someone who doesn’t know how to do things the right way, you know how to be sick really well.

3. Get well soon or else someone else gets to bring me chocolates and wake me up with a romantic text every day.

4. Get well soon, so that we can spend our next dates in some luxurious restaurant instead of the hospital canteen.

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5. I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and trust me; I am also feeling very bored because we had to go on a trip. Please get well soon.

6. I have been missing you so much for so long that now it is getting a bit boring. Please get well and come back soon!

7. I heard that the nurses in the hospital are hot! If this is true then you might not want to get better too fast.

8. I know I’m not an exciting, luxurious lover, but at least I’m more interesting than some white bedsheets and some tasteless hospital food. get well soon!

9. I told your mother that I was praying for your speedy recovery. So get well soon and make my prayer come true, otherwise, I will stop doing this.

10. In the event that I wish you a speedy recovery, I think it will not be soon enough. That’s why I’m praying to God that you get well now!

11. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get sick, get paid at work, take a break from school, put to sleep, and most importantly, give money to our poor doctors.

12. It’s been a long vacation for you. Get well now and come back. Let’s hope you never feel sick again after seeing a lot of work here for you!

13. It’s okay to stay away, but it’s not okay to be away in a hospital bed. Get well soon, darling.

14. Just get well soon, otherwise, I am ready to break your other good leg too.

15. Things get a little out of hand, but we’re trying to keep it together until our boss comes over. get well soon!

16. You could have told me that you want me to bring you some flowers. You didn’t have to be sick.

17. You have always been sick. I knew it all the way. You are hospitalized for the wrong reason friend. was a joke! get well soon!

18. You have no right to be sick. Remember, you’re my hero. You must be strong.

19. You look bad not because you are sick, but because you are no longer allowed to use makeup. was a joke! get well soon!

20. Your first task after recovery is to buy me food from my favorite restaurant.