16 Funny Good Morning Messages And Wishes

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Get a collection of funny good morning messages and wishes.

Funny Good Morning Messages And Wishes

1. A friend is someone you think of right when you wake up. Yes, I was thinking of you and wondering whether you are alive or not. Good Morning

2. A very good morning, sweetheart; You are like a piece of bacon to my eggs and a sweet syrup in a pancake. Sometimes you act like a pinch of salt in my tea; Either way, I can bear it. Love you, my support system.

3. All you really need to learn how to wake up early and make a fragrant cup of coffee for your boyfriend. Good Morning

4. Always keep positivity in your mind because you will never find it in the real world. Good Morning. Have a nice day!

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5. Before meeting you, I never thought procrastination could be contagious. Good morning and best wishes for another day lying in bed and texting each other.

6. Good morning dear! Always try to find wisdom in the people around you because you lack knowledge. Have a nice day, friend!

7. Good Morning. Grab a cup of coffee and start your engines because there’s still a long way to go before the weekend reaches.

8. I was about to tell all the early risers to ‘shut up and go to sleep’, but that is not socially acceptable. So, good morning!

9. I woke up to send you a good morning text and now I plan to go to bed again. I hope you wake me up with an answer. Good Morning

10. If the world was kind to me, I would sleep like an Olympic discipline. Good morning to all who live in this cruel, unjust world.

11. It was a dream where you and I were spending some time together. Then the alarm clock intervened, and thank God for saving me!

12. Sleep is probably the only activity you can easily do better than me because it takes no effort, no talent and no practice. good Morning dear friend!

13. Smile when you wake up because soon you will realize that it is not the weekend yet. Good Morning

14. Wake up and welcome another unproductive, leisurely one that brings you nothing but leaves with another similar promise.

15. You are worrying like an alarm clock. But at least I have someone to shout at when I wake up in the morning. Good morning dear!

16. Your good morning text is my inspiration to start every day. Unless you want to have a bad day, don’t forget to text me in the morning! Good Morning