19 Funny Good Night Messages And Wishes

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Get the collection of funny good night messages to send your wishes.

Funny Good Night Messages And Wishes

1. Buddy, you better go to sleep, or shall I say, if you’re late for class tomorrow, you’ve been watching Netflix all night.

2. Dear friend, I absolutely refuse to brag about your lack of sleep tomorrow, so don’t worry and go to sleep on time! Good night!

3. Do you know why we close our eyes? When we pray, when we cry, when we dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are unseen and felt by the heart, Goodnight my love.

4. Feel free to let your toes stick out under the covers. No boogeyman would dare you to come out with me. Bedbugs? not around with me Sleep well, my dear!

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5. Friends, days are for working, eating and enjoying while nights are specifically for relaxing. So relax and go to bed early!

6. Good night! You stay safe from the ghost under your bed!

7. have a good night. Beware of bedbugs hiding under your bed.

8. hi babe i’m talking to you ok just wanted to say goodnight and i love you don’t hold the pillows i’m here in my house oops!

9. Hug tight and wait for me. I can’t wait to come to wrap my arms around you and sweet nudge in your ear. Good night!

10. I love you so much, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stay up all night just to talk to you. I want to sleep.

11. I wish god had made me an sms to reach you in seconds. You have no cost, you will read me and I can see you smiling, which is worth millions to me!!! Good night and smile for me!

12. I’m scared to sleep alone man. Can you sing a lullaby to me? I am sure your singing will scare away all the ghosts away from my house.

13. If nightmares start and you can’t sleep at night send me a message. I’ll be your guardian angel, no worries. Have a good bedtime, darling.

14. Maybe tomorrow is finally the day you will win in life. sleep well!

15. Nothing can take your valuable place in my life other than a good night’s sleep. I am ready for it, so do you. beloved friend. Get lost in beautiful dreams.

16. Sleep text from a sleeping boyfriend to a sleeping girlfriend on a sleepy day, in a sleepy mood to say go to sleep my dear goodnight.

17. The bed bugs are gone and the boogeymen are gone. All that is left is only you and me. Let’s turn off our floats and move on to the sleepers!

18. The silence of this beautiful night reminds me of you. How can I sleep peacefully this night without disturbing you?

19. Welcome to Sweet Dreams Airlines. We will reach Dreamland shortly. Put on the blanket, fluff up the pillow, close your eyes and get ready to suffer! Good night!