20 Graduation Party Invitation Messages

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Get a collection of graduation party invitation messages.

Graduation Party Invitation Messages

1. All the hard work finally paid off, and I can’t wait to celebrate the graduation party. Without your presence, the party would be monotonous. Please share in the joy by celebrating my graduation party.

2. All the hard work he has put in all these years has finally brought such a lovely reward. We would like to celebrate his efforts by organizing a graduation party. You are invited!

3. He has grown up so fast and more than that, he is now a high school graduate! It’s time to celebrate their achievement! Please join us on [date] to share in the joy!

4. I invite you to this great occasion of a new step towards my life. Without your support, this would be impossible. I look forward to seeing you at my graduation party.

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5. I know you are happy and proud because I am graduating from [college name]. So I gladly invite you to my graduation party on [date].

6. I look forward to seeing you at the graduation party on [date]. Let us all celebrate the biggest day of my life!

7. I look forward to your company at the graduation party on [date]. I am sure that your presence will make our smile wider and brighter.

8. I request you to join my family and me as we all celebrate the first milestone of my academic life together. Your blessing is my strength!

9. It is the happiest moment for any parent. Our son [name] is going to graduate on [date]. We are hosting a bachelorette party and your attendance is expected!

10. It is the happiest moment for us as our son will graduate on [date]. That’s why we are organizing a graduation party for them, and we request your presence.

11. Let us all share in the joy of [name] becoming new graduates. Your blessings will be the inspiration for his new journey. You are cordially invited to the party!

12. Please join us at the graduation party thrown by [name] on [date] as he becomes a proud bachelor on [topic].

13. Request you to make a slight change in your daily schedule on [Date] as I plan to arrange a party on the occasion of graduation! Please join me to share in the joy!

14. Such a moment comes once in a life, and I wish you to be a part of one of the most valuable days. Please accept my invitation.

15. The journey so far has not been easy for me, but the reward I have received is satisfying. Therefore, I am requesting the pleasure of your presence at my bachelorette party.

16. We are gladly inviting you to be part of the graduation party in honor of our sweet [name] on [date]. Your presence means a lot to all of us.

17. We look forward to celebrating the graduation party with many fond memories and a wonderful group of friends. We would be glad if you can spend some precious time with us.

18. We waited and waited for this day to come. Finally, it’s our daughter [name]’s graduation day. And we will be glad to have your company (date).

19. We’ve been waiting patiently for the day and it’s finally here! We are delighted to invite you to [date] the graduation party of our dear son/daughter.

20. With great pleasure, we would like to inform you that our son/daughter is graduating from [School Name] to [Date]. So please join us to celebrate his achievement.