98 Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions And Answers

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1 to 28 Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions And Answers

1. According to Dr. Thomas, what time is it in Moscow when it’s five in Seattle?

Answer: Four

2. In season 6 in the episode “Sanctuary”, who was the second doctor that got shot?

Answer: Dr. Karev

3. This actress has portrayed Alexandra Grey on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, starting in season 3. Who is she?

Answer: Chyler Leigh

4. What April say she wants written on the mints at her wedding?

Answer: Mint to be

5. What does Callie call Arizona while talking to Alex?

Answer: Red Eagle

6. What is the subject that Arizona and Callie argue about, all episode 13 (“Bad Blood”)?

Answer: Why did Arizona let Sofia put her socks on herself

7. What tragic event happens to Cristina on her wedding day in season three?

Answer: She gets her eyebrows waxed off.

8. Which intern paid off her debts with money she earned by modeling?

Answer: Izzie

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9. Who becomes the face of hospital?

Answer: Derek Shepherd

10. Who does Cristina stab with an epi?

Answer: Alex

11. Who was Dr. McDreamy?

Answer: Derek Shepherd

12. After George and Meredith sleep together and George has to move out, he ends up staying with Cristina and Burke. How does Cristina finally get George to leave the apartment?

Answer: She walks around naked

13. In the episode “Dream A Little Dream Of Me,” what was the name of the ball that the three females were going to?

Answer: “Fire and Ice”

14. What kind of animal did Izzie save in the season opener?

Answer: a deer

15. What was the colour of Izzie’s dress that she picked for the prom?

Answer: Dark pink

16. What’s Dr. Burke’s first name?

Answer: Preston

17. Who did Meredith not see in her after life?

Answer: Katie Bryce

18. Who does Meredith Grey date throughout the first five seasons (on/off relationship)?

Answer: Derek Shepherd

19. Who first said that they thought George was gay?

Answer: Alex Karev

20. Who was nominated for a Harper Avery?

Answer: Cristina Yang

21. Who’s the O.B. that performs the C-Section on Meredith?

Answer: Connie

22. How many times was Derek married before he married Meredith?

Answer: 1

23. In episode thirty “Superstition”, who said “I figured we could all use a little good juju”?

Answer: Addison

24. On season 8 in the episode “Flight”, what did Cristina keep telling Meredith?

Answer: “I can’t find my shoe!”

25. What famous Snow Patrol song is used during the season 2 finale of “Grey’s Anatomy”?

Answer: Chasing Cars

26. What sentence is said by Meredith at the end of episode 23 (“Readiness is All”)?

Answer: “That’s how the good things come too”

27. What was the name of Meredith’s mother?

Answer: Ellis

28. What were Meredith and Derek arguing about during the season finale?

Answer: Moving to Washington D.C.

29 to 56 Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions And Answers

29. Which two female doctors kissed each other in the fourth season finale?

Answer: Erica and Callie

30. Who does Jackson kick out of his OR because he can’t concentrate?

Answer: Bailey

31. Who is Susan?

Answer: Meredith’s step mother

32. Who played Addison Montgomery?

Answer: Kate Walsh

33. Who saw Meredith and Derek kissing in a car parked in a driveway during a party?

Answer: Miranda Bailey

34. At the end of season 5, we lose a surgeon in a bus accident. Who is it?

Answer: George

35. In season 5, Derek is having a hard time dealing with killing a pregnant woman and won’t get off of the sofa. Whose cereal is he eating?

Answer: Karev’s

36. In what episode did Cristina and Dr. Hunt first kiss?

Answer: “Dream A Little Dream Of Me Part 2”

37. What hospital department did the residents experience for the first time this season, and enjoyed visiting there?

Answer: Dermatology

38. What is Lexie Grey’s full name?

Answer: Alexandra Caroline Grey

39. What is the name of the home that Richard sends Adele to?

Answer: Rose Ridge

40. What was the name of Alex’s girlfriend in season 9?

Answer: Jo

41. Who claimed Meredith’s underwear after it was posted on the bulletin board?

Answer: Callie

42. Who died in “Let the Truth Sting”?

Answer: Really Old Guy

43. Who was Meredith’s mother?

Answer: Ellis

44. Arizona Robbins says to somebody “it would be like dating a newborn”. Who is she talking to?

Answer: Callie Torres

45. In episode two “The First Cut Is The Deepest”, who arrived at the hospital on a motorbike?

Answer: Cristina

46. In the Superbowl episode, what code is paged around the hospital?

Answer: Code black

47. The gunman found Dr. Percy and shots him. Then he pointed the gun at Dr. Bailey, who was hidden under one of the beds. He asked her: “Are you a surgeon?” She answered him. What did Miranda Bailey say?

Answer: No, I am a nurse.

48. To whom did Meredith give her dog, when it became difficult for her and her other roommates to take care of it?

Answer: Derek and Addison

49. What career move did George decide on at the end of the season?

Answer: He was going to join the army.

50. What is Dr. Derek Shepherd’s nickname?

Answer: McDreamy

51. What surgery kills Meredith’s med school professor?

Answer: Gallbladder removal

52. What was the nickname George received from the other interns in the first season?

Answer: 007

53. Who gets hit by the bus in “Now or Never?”

Answer: George

54. Who’s Dr. Bailey’s last patient in season 9?

Answer: Meredith Grey

55. After what event does Erica Hahn decide to leave Seattle Grace?

Answer: She finds out Izzie stole her patient’s heart for Denny.

56. In season 2 in episode “Losing My Religion”, who unexpectedly died after his/her heart suddenly stopped?

Answer: Denny

57 to 77 Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions And Answers

57. In season 2, following Addison’s arrival on the scene, Derek and Meredith decide to become “friends” and Derek suggests that they walk their dog “Doc” on Tiger mountain trail. How often does Derek say he does this?

Answer: Every other morning

58. In the episode “Brave New World”, who gets Meredith, Cristina, and Izzie out of the Dermatology wing?

Answer: George

59. In this season, Owen brought a new surgeon to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Who is he/she?

Answer: Dr. Teddy Altman

60. What was one of Meredith’s half sisters named?

Answer: Molly

61. When Meredith told Derek she couldn’t remember their last kiss, Derek described exactly what it was like. “You’d just washed your hair and you smelled like some kind of flower.” What flower was it?

Answer: Lavender

62. Where did Meredith eventually dispose of her mother’s ashes?

Answer: in the scrub room

63. Who did Richard turn over his job to when he stepped down as chief in season 8?

Answer: Owen

64. Who got married this season?

Answer: April and Jackson

65. Who is McHottie?

Answer: Nancy

66. At the end of season one, who came between Meredith and Derek?

Answer: Derek’s wife, Addison

67. Dr. Bailey’s husband was not at the birth of their son. Why not?

Answer: He was in a car accident and was in the ER

68. How many kids did Meredith and Derek have at the very end of season 9?

Answer: 2

69. In season 1 in episode “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”, who was the woman that said “So you’re the woman who’s been screwing my husband?”

Answer: Addison Shepherd

70. In season 4 in the episode “Freedom”, George found out that he failed his intern exam by just how many questions?

Answer: one

71. Izzie entered her internship debt free. How was she able to do that?

Answer: Modeling

72. What’s the name of the last man in the world that Arizona kisses?

Answer: Nick

73. Who played Ellis Grey?

Answer: Kate Burton

74. Who plays Lexie?

Answer: Chyler Leigh

75. Who portrays Dr. Jackson Avery?

Answer: Jesse Williams

76. Why was Dr. Burke attached to his scrub caps?

Answer: He believed they gave him good luck

77. In one episode of the sixth season, Dr. Shepherd deliberately disobeyed Chief Webber’s wishes by proceeding with an extremely risky surgery on a hospital employee. What was this employee/patient’s name?

Answer: Isaac

78 to 98 Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions And Answers

78. In season 5, Seattle Grace gets a patient who is on death row. Why does Meredith tell Derek she went to his execution?

Answer: to show him compassion

79. What was Izzie diagnosed with?

Answer: Skin cancer

80. Who does Kim Raver portray?

Answer: Teddy Altman

81. Who is the “Jane Doe” that Alex saves the life of and during her hospital stay, he begins to have feelings for her?

Answer: Rebecca Pope

82. Who is the first person Izzie tells that she has cancer?

Answer: Cristina

83. Who treated Owen when he sliced his leg open?

Answer: Cristina

84. Who was Arizona Robbins sleeping with?

Answer: Leah Murphy

85. Who was commonly referred to as “chief”?

Answer: Webber

86. Why did Izzie leave?

Answer: She got fired

87. At the end of season 2, a group of restaurant workers end up in Seattle Grace with bullet wounds due to a crazed ex-employee who was trying to kill their boss. What was the name of the gunner?

Answer: Petey

88. At the start of the series, who is considered “the Nazi”?

Answer: Miranda Bailey

89. In “Kung Fu Fighting”, two women came into the ER. They were engaged in a contest that involved holding onto something; what was it?

Answer: a wedding dress

90. In the episode “I Am a Tree”, what were the names of Burke’s parents?

Answer: Donald and Jane

91. What is the name of the dog that Derek and Meredith shared in season two?

Answer: Doc

92. What was the missing ingredient from Izzie’s recipe for muffins/cupcakes that her mother and grand-mother used to make?

Answer: coconut extract

93. What was the name of Meredith’s friend, who briefly joined the hospital staff in the fifth season?

Answer: Sadie

94. Dr. Bailey gave birth to a baby boy. What did she name him?

Answer: William George Bailey Jones

95. Where did Cristina Yang move to at the end of the season?

Answer: Zurich

96. Where does the show take place?

Answer: Seattle

97. Who did Camille’s friends think Alex looked like?

Answer: Nate Simms

98. Who dropped a kidney in “There’s No ‘I’ In Team?”

Answer: Meredith