24 Happy Wedding Wishes, Messages, And Texts

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Get a collection of happy wedding wishes and messages.

Happy Wedding Wishes, Messages, And Texts

1. Best wishes for your beautiful marriage. May your love always be with you and wish you a happy married life.

2. Congratulations dear friend! Wishing you many years of happiness and a happy married life!

3. Congratulations on your wedding my dear! May you both always be in love and wish you a happy married life in the future!

4. Congratulations on your wedding. May you both enjoy beautiful and blissful days together. May this marriage be happy and prosperous.

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5. Congratulations, {insert name}! You have no idea how happy I am now! I wish you a very happy wedding day!

6. Congratulations! I wish you a happy and prosperous married life that lasts forever.

7. Happy wedding day bestie. May the love and affection between the two of you only grow in the days to come!

8. Happy wedding day to both of you. I wish you a happy married life!

9. Happy wedding to you! Wishing you many years of happiness and a happy married life!

10. Husband-wife relationship is the most beautiful relationship in the world. It is the relationship by which two different people turn into a single entity for a lifetime. Good luck to you as well. happy wedding!

11. I am so glad that you have finally found the person you were dreaming of. May your marriage be everlasting and always exciting! May this moment of happiness bring you love and more happiness. Best wishes to you!

12. I am so glad that you have found the true love of your life and may this love of yours bloom in every season!

13. I can never express how happy I am about your wedding ceremony. You guys have made it through and proved that love always wins. Never let this happiness diminish you.

14. Let the flowers of love bloom in your heart today and forever. You deserve a life full of happiness and joy. happy wedding!

15. Marriage is a gift from the Almighty. I hope you both find peace and happiness in life. May God bless you. Many many congratulations and best wishes for your married life!

16. Marriage is a sacred relationship. You both have just entered a new phase of life. I hope you get all the happiness and joy in life. Best wishes to you Happy Wedding!

17. Marriage is not just about madness and happiness. It is about liabilities and responsibilities. So, prepare yourself to protect the peace of your family. Wishing you never ending love and happiness! Have a happy married life!

18. May God grant you both a long and happy married life. Congratulations on your wedding.

19. May this marriage be a new adventure in your life. Wishing you a happy and wonderful marriage.

20. May this new chapter in your life bring lots of happiness, joy and dreams. Happy marriage to you both!

21. May you both live a happy married life now and always, filled with affection, trust, love, respect and unbreakable bond. Congratulations on a new and happy married life!

22. We are very happy to add a new member to our family. Thank you so much for bringing joy to our hearts. Congratulations!

23. You are the cutest couple I have ever seen! You both deserve the best things in the world. be happy with each other. happy wedding!

24. You two have just set the world the brightest example of immortal and undying love. May you both be happy in the years to come!