18 Best Housewarming Invitation Messages

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Get a collection of housewarming invitation messages.

Housewarming Invitation Messages

1. A new home isn’t home until your loved one moves in. So please be present at the housewarming party on [date] and help me make it home!

2. Be our guest and bless us with your sweet presence and wise words as we are about to start a new life in a new place. You are invited to our housewarming party!

3. Consider yourself invited to the housewarming party of my new home! Blessings would be nice, but gifts would be nice! Feel free to surprise me with your creativity!

4. Delicious food and sweet champagne await your arrival at our housewarming party! Grant us your blessings and honor us with your warmth!

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5. Dreams do come true, sooner or later. Please be our guest on [date] as we introduce our new home to our loved ones.

6. I invite you to the happiest and craziest housewarming party you will ever see. [Date] to come with me to my new residence because I’m destroying the peace of my new neighborhood!

7. It has been a tough journey, but in the end, it is all worth it as I have finally found a place to call my beloved home! You are wholeheartedly invited to my housewarming party!

8. It is very important to me to move into my new home, and I would love to share this moment with everyone who has guided me to be here today! Please join the Griha Pravesh program!

9. Moving into a new flat is a huge struggle, but it turns out that preparing for a get-together is a huge struggle! So make my efforts worthy and stop by for my housewarming party!

10. We are happy to announce that a crazy party is in the street! Our new home needs your footsteps and laughter, so grace us with your warm presence for the housewarming!

11. We have arranged a small gathering of our close friends and well wishers on the occasion of our housewarming ceremony! We would love for you to be a part of this momentous day!

12. We have moved to a new house! This is definitely a new beginning for us, and without you we wouldn’t have it! Please stop by for our housewife!

13. We have moved to a new neighborhood, and we plan to stay around this time! While we’re talking about throwing a little housewarming party, stay there or regret it later!

14. We wholeheartedly welcome you to our housewarming ceremony this weekend! With your best wishes and blessings, we can finally begin our comfortable stay!

15. We will be very happy to have [date] with you as we introduce our loved ones to our new home. Please don’t miss the party because your presence is valuable!

16. Years of savings and effort have led me to find a place that I can call my own, and I would be happy to share this joy with you! Please attend my housewarming party!

17. You are requested to take some time out of your busy schedule and bless us with your presence on [Date] as we celebrate the joy of owning a new home.

18. Your presence in our housewarming party will make us most happy. Please come to our new location for the housewarming party on [date]!