How to Choose a Best & Profitable Blog Niche to Start a Blog?

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Do you want to create a blog? In which niche do you want to make your blog? Are you looking for the best and profitable blog niche idea? In this article, We will help you to choose your best and profitable blog niche on which you can make your own blog.

Before creating a blog, you need to choose the niche as per your interest. Because it would be difficult to make a successful blog without any particular niche.

What is blog niche?

In blogging, niche means a specific topic on which you want to create your blog. For example, you want to create your blog on accounting, want to teach people about accounting, then accounting will be your blog niche.

Why is it necessary to choose a specific blog topic?

For blogging, you should choose a particular topic. The topic should be such that you have full knowledge or must have interested to learn that topic.

If you are interested in a particular topic then it will be easy for you to learn well and teach well through your blog to audience.

In Blogging, you will learn and teach.

For example:

Your favorite topic is mathematics or you are interested to learn mathematics. You can learn mathematics very well and also you can teach your audience very well. Because you are interested in that particular subject.

It will be easy for you to teach people about mathematics. You can create your own mathematics blog and teach people.

There are a lot of people Who need help to learn mathematics. You can help them through your blog and make money from it.

Which type of topic is the best for your blog?

There are more than 750 crores of people in the world. Out of this, more than 450 crores people using the internet.

On the internet, someone searches for the solution to his problem, someone looks for some information about some particular topic.

If you create a blog on any particular topic and people get the information on that topic from your blog, then that topic will become the best blog niche for you.

When a topic will be profitable?

A topic or niche will be profitable when we can monetize that topic, we can earn money through that topic. Almost all types of blog niches on the Internet are profitable.

That’s why I would say that you do not search for a profitable blog niche. Choose a niche you love. You can easily learn and teach. The topic will be the best and profitable blog niche for you.

Is it suitable to create a blog on multi-niche?

When you want to start your blogging career, you must learn about blogging. You will face some difficulties to work on a multi-niche.

It is good to work on a multi-niche blog, But when you are new to the blogging world, you have to learn first about blogging.

You need to learn about How to create a blog, how to add pages, how to install themes and plugins, how to create contact forms, how to write blog posts, how to do SEO, and more.

Along with this, when you are new in the blogging world, sometimes you will get small issues on your blog. You have to solve all those problems.

If you work on more than one topic then you face difficulties running your blog.

So, my suggestion is, in the beginning, focus on a single niche. When you gather a lot of information about the blog and blogging, then you can work on multi-niche.

Do you need help to choose your Blog Niche?

If you are having any difficulty in choosing your perfect blog niche, I will help you.

Below we have a list of popular websites, a list of some blog topics, which will help you to choose your favorite topic to start your blog.

  • Popular websites or platforms
  • Unique blog topic ideas

Quora: Quora is a knowledge-sharing platform with around 20 languages. Here questions are asked and answered by Quora users in every type of topic.

Stack Exchange: Stack Exchange is an online Q&A community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

The community has more than 260 million monthly visitors, 13 million registered users, and more than 3 million questions & answers.

Question Hub: Google Question Hub is a knowledge market platform launched by Google in 2019. It collects answered questions asked on the internet on various topics. You can get here your blog topic idea.

Google Trends: Google trends is an analytics platform by Google that analyze the search queries in Google search across various religions. It’s a platform where you can get your profitable niche idea.

Medium: Medium is an online publishing platform where various publishers and professional people sharing their thoughts, ideas, information on various topics. It has more than 170 million readers.

Yahoo Answers: Yahoo Answers is an online Q&A community like Quora where people ask questions on various topics and sharing answers, opinions, and ideas.

Wikihow: Wikihow is the world’s most famous how-to website. It solves people’s queries in how to guide style on various categories. You can get here various topic ideas for your blog.

Wikipedia: Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Here you will find information on all types of topics which are created and edited by volunteers around the world.

It has more than 55 million articles in more than 300 languages.

Other Important Websites

  1. WikiAnswers
  2. Twitter
  3. Tumblr
  4. Flickr
  5. Ask me help desk
  6. Answerbag
  7. Blurtit
  8. Funadvice
  9. Deviant Art
  10. Sooper Articles

Best Blog Niches

Blog NichesBlog Niches
1. Advice or Guidance21. Home Décor or Home Improvement Tips
2. Agriculture Tips22. Interviews
3. Blogging Tips23. Marketing tips or Guidance
4. Book Reviews24. Mobile related tips
5. Business Ideas25. Motivational
6. Career Development tips26. Parenting Tips
7. Case Studies27. Photography Tips
8. City or Place Information & Guides28. Poetry/Stories
9. Computer Knowledge Tips29. Politics & Government information/issues
10. Food/Cooking Tips30. Product Reviews
11. Travel/Destination Tips/Guides31. Quiz, Current Affairs
12. Environmental Tips32. Quotations
13. Tips Family & Relationships33. Writing: Resume writing, content writing
14. Fashion/Lifestyle Tips34. Self Improvement tips/guides
15. Finance related tips35. Shopping Tips
16. Funny tips: Jokes, Memes36. Sports: Records, News
17. Gaming: Game reviews37. Tech Updates and tips
18. Gardening Tips38. Tutorials
19. Health & Fitness Tips39. Vehicle-related tips: Driving, Repairing, Maintenance
20. Hobbies40. World Records

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