How to create pages on a blogger blog? (8 Easy Steps)

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Do you want to know how to create a page on Blogger? In this article, we will tell you how to create a page in just 8 easy steps and what are the most essential pages for the blog.

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Pages are the most essential part of a website or blog. These are normally used to share important information about the business or service of a website owner. The page does not have to be updated on daily basis like posts. Sometimes this page is updated to give some 

Some businesses, organizations are using pages to give product or service information to their customers. Individual bloggers are using pages to show important posts, information about themselves.

How to create pages on Blogger?

If you want to create some pages on your Blogger blog, then follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to your Blogger Dashboard Area.

Step 2: Click on Pages.

Step 3: Click Create New Page.

Create Pages On A Blogger Blog

Step 4: Enter the Title of your page.

Step 5: Add some information related to your page.

Step 6: Enter a Description related to your page that will help your page to rank on Search Engine.

Step 7: Manage the comment section for your page.

Step 8: Click on Publish.

Create Pages On A Blogger Blog

If you want to save your page as a draft, then click on save. Otherwise, click on publish.

What are the Most essential pages for your blogger blog?

If you are creating a blog on Blogger, then you need to create some essential pages related to your blog.

Below are the most essential pages for Blogger blog:

#1 About us

This is the page where you can update some information about you, that will help visitors to know about you and about your website. The search engine will be able to know on which topic your blog is made. This page will help your blog to rank on search engines.

#2 Contact

This page is the most important page of the blog. The visitors of your blog will be able to contact you with help of this page.

#3 Privacy policy

This is the legal page of the website or blog, which tells the search engines and visitors that your blog follows all the terms on the Internet.

#4 Sitemap

This is a page that provides information to your visitors about all the contents on your website. This page helps the search engine to crawl your content smoothly.

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