How to Find The Shovel in Sons of the Forest?

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Do you want to know how to find the shovel in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest, a recently released horror game, had a lengthy development period and experienced multiple delays. Following its predecessor, The Forest, the game has already garnered a significant player base on PC. Players awaken on a mysterious island and must scavenge for resources to ensure their survival without any explicit guidance. However, some gamers are struggling to locate a crucial weapon, the shovel, necessary for combatting monsters in the game.

The significance of shovels in Sons of the Forest cannot be overstated, as they serve both defensive and digger purposes. However, despite being a staple item in many games, obtaining a shovel in Sons of the Forest can prove to be challenging. Since the game’s release, numerous players have spent hours attempting to locate one.

For those seeking to acquire a shovel but struggling with where to start, the following location in Sons of the Forest should be explored.

How to Find The Shovel in Sons of the Forest?

In order to find the shovel in Sons of the Forest, you must venture towards the central region of the map, where a cave can be found. To access this cave, you will need a Rebreather for diving and a Rope Gun for using the zip wire. The Rope Gun can be found in a cave near the 3D Printer’s cave.

The cave you seek is located near a large mountain range, but beware of perilous adversaries in the vicinity. Utilize your GPS to navigate through the required areas. Upon reaching the bottom of the third cave system, the shovel will be visible on the ground.

Acquiring the shovel is imperative, as it will enable you to excavate for crucial items such as a keycard and bunker, both of which are vital for game progression. As we gather further insights on locating the shovel, we will continue updating this guide.

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