How to manage comments on your Blogger blog? (Easy Steps)

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Do you want to know how to manage the comment section on your blogger? In this article, we will give you a detailed guide to managing the comments.

The comment section creates a discussion community between the readers on an online platform. A reader shares his opinion about the content, product or services, that help the publisher or business owner to improve his content.

When you create a blog on Blogger, you will get a comment section on your blog post. Here your readers will share their opinion on your blog post.

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It is also very important to manage this comment section. If you will not control your blog’s comments, then anyone can put some inappropriate comments on it, anyone can post their website link here to build a backlink. As a result, your blog’s spamming score may increase.

Let’s see how to manage the comment section on your Blogger blog.

How to manage comments?

  1. Just go to your blog dashboard area
  2. Click on Setting
  3. Scroll down to Comments.

Here you will get the below options:

Manage comments on blogger
  • Comment location
  • The person who can comment
  • Comment moderation
  • Email for Comment moderation
  • Captcha set up for comment box
  • Comment form message

Set the comment location on your blog

You can set up the comment location on your blog by choosing the below options.

Manage comments on blogger

Embedded: If you select Embedded from the comment location, the comment form will appear at the bottom of your post.

Full Page: If you choose Full Page, it will take readers to a different page to post a comment.

Pop-up window: If you select a pop-up window, and when someone clicks on the comment box, the comment box will open on a new window.

Hide: If you select Hide, the comment box will not show. No one will be able to comment on the post.

Control the person who wants to comment on your post

You can control your comments with the help of this option.

Manage comments on blogger

Anyone: Any person can post a comment anonymously on your blog post.

Users with Google Accounts: The person who has a Google account (Gmail account) can post a comment by using his account. This option protects the blog from inappropriate comments.

Only members of this blog: The person who has already followed your blog, can comment on this blog.

How to moderate comments on your blog?

Moderation of comments means controlling the comments on your blog. There are 3 ways to moderate the comments.

Manage comments on blogger

Always: If someone posts a comment, then you will be notified by email to verify and publish that comment.

Sometimes: You will get notifications for some newly posted content on your blog.

Choose the days you want to moderate comments. Enter the days within which you want to control the comment section.

Never: Choose Never, if you don’t want to moderate your blog comments.

Other Comment set up

You will get other options to manage your comments.

Manage comments on blogger

Email moderation requests: You can add an email address here. After adding an email address, you will get notifications on your email if someone posts a comment.

Reader comment captcha: If you enable this option, the reader will see the captcha verification while commenting on your blog.

Comment form message: Readers will get a thank you message after commenting on your blog.

Just click on the option, enter your thank you message, click on Save.

How to manage each & every comment on your blog?

If you want to manage each and every comment on your blog:

  1. Go to Blog Dashboard Area.
  2. Click on Comments. You will get the list of comments on your blog.
Manage comments on blogger

What you will get here?

  • All list of published comments
  • Comments waiting for moderation
  • List of published comments
  • List of comments marked as spam.
Manage comments on blogger

Here, you can:

  • Approve or disapprove the comments that are pending for moderation.
  • Remove the contents from the comment.
  • Mark the comment as a spam comment.
  • Delete the comment.

How to approve the comments that are pending for moderation?

  1. Click on All
  2. Select the comments that are waiting for moderation.
  3. Click on the tick mark.

How to mark a comment as spam?

  1. Go to the comment list.
  2. Identify the comment you want to remark as spam.
  3. Click on the spam symbol.

How to remove the comment from spam?

  1. Select Spam from the comments list.
  2. Identify the comment you want to remove from spam.
  3. Click on the tick mark.
  4. It will show you a pop-up box, then click on publish.

How to delete a comment?

  1. Go to the comment list.
  2. Click on the delete button available on the right side of the comment.

How to remove comment text from the comment box?

  1. Go to the comment list.
  2. Click on the cross mark symbol to remove the contents.
  3. It will show you a pop-up box, and ask you to delete it permanently or keep the contents. Click on delete.

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