How to Publish a blog post on Blogger using the Blogger tools?

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Have you already created your blog on Blogspot for free? Then, in this article, we will give you easy information on how to publish a blog post on Blogger using the Blogger tool. If you have not created your blog on BlogSpot, the below posts will help you to create a free blog.

This article will help you to write an article on Blogger with the help of its available tools.

Where to go to publish a blog post on Blogger?

Follow the below steps to use the Blogger tools to publish a blog post.

Go to the Blog Dashboard area.

In the post section, you will get all the information about the post you have. Such as:

  • How many posts have been published,
  • How many posts are in draft, and
  • How many posts are on the schedule for publishing?

To add a new post, click on New Post. This will take you to a new post.

How To Publish A Blog Post On Blogger Using The Blogger Tools?

What options/tools will you find here?

How To Publish A Blog Post On Blogger Using The Blogger Tools?

You will get below tools on new post area.

#1 Title: Here you can add the title of your post. But keep in mind the blog title should be within 60 to 70 characters.

#2 Tool Bar: This toolbar will help to write a post. Here you will find tools like:

  • Changing Fonts and its size
  • Adding Headings
  • Changing text color
  • Adding images, videos, emojis, symbols, links
  • Making lists
  • Adding quotations
  • Input tool to write blog posts in different languages

#3 Blog Post Area: Here you can write your blog. Apart from this, you can also add images and videos to make your blog post more effective.

#4 Label: You can divide your blog posts into different categories by adding labels. For example, if you publish laptop-related articles, these will be labeled as “laptop”.

#5 Post publish date: If you do not want to publish your blog immediately, you can enter the date here. It will be published automatically on the scheduled date.

#6 Permalink: Permalink decides the link to your blog post. Permalink means the URL of your blog. Here you will get two options. One will decide the permalink of your blog automatically or you will decide your own permalink structure.

#7 Location: Here you can enter your location.

#8 Search description: You can add a brief summary related to the blog post here. This search description helps your blog post to rank on search engines. Keep in mind that your search description should be within 150 to 160 characters.

#9 Options (Reader comments): Here you will get the facility to control the comments of the blog. If you want to close the comment facility of your blog post, you can do choose from here.

#10 Preview post: After writing a blog post, if you want to see how your blog post will look to the visitors, you can see the preview of your blog post by clicking on the Preview post.

#11 Save: If you have any inconvenience while writing a blog post, you can save your incomplete blog post by clicking on save.

#12 Publish: After writing a good and complete blog, you can publish your blog article by clicking on “publish”.

I hope you have learned in this article how to publish a blog post on Blogger using the Blogger tools? If you liked it, share it with your closest one.

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