Investigate Quotes To Know The Impact of Investigate on Society

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The ‘Investigate quotes’ can be a fascinating and enlightening endeavor, as they offer a window into the minds of some of the most brilliant and influential people throughout history. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, wisdom, or simply a new perspective on life, there is sure to be a quote out there that speaks to you. Some of the most powerful and thought-provoking quotes come from those who have dedicated their lives to investigating the world around them, whether through scientific research, philosophical inquiry, or artistic expression. So if you’re looking to deepen your understanding of the world and the people in it, take some time to explore the rich and varied landscape of investigative quotes.

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Investigate Quotes For Shaping Your Thinking

1. “Science is no more than an investigation of a miracle we can never explain, and art is an interpretation of that miracle.” ― Ray Bradbury

2. “You’re an investigator – can’t nobody find stuff out like a woman. Y’all put the police to shame, make the little investigative tricks they show on CSI and Law & Order: SVU look like counting lessons on Sesame Street.” ― Steve Harvey

3. “The problems are solved, not by giving new information, but by arranging what we have known since long.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein

4. “When scientifically investigating the natural world, the only thing worse than a blind believer is a seeing denier.” ― Neil deGrasse Tyson

5. “We never stop investigating. We are never satisfied that we know enough to get by. Every question we answer leads on to another question. This has become the greatest survival trick of our species.” ― Desmond Morris

6. “You are your own teacher. Looking for teachers can’t solve your own doubts. Investigate yourself to find the truth – inside, not outside. Knowing yourself is most important.” ― Ajahn Chah

7. “All things must be examined, debated, investigated without exception and without regard for anyone’s feelings.” ― Denis Diderot

8. “My investigative technique mostly consisted of going through the list of interested parties and making as much noise as possible, until the culprit lost his patience and tried to shut me up.” ― Ilona Andrews

9. “The novel is not the author’s confession; it is an investigation of human life in the trap the world has become” ― Milan Kundera

10. “Science is an investigation,” Coach said, sanding his hands together. “Science requires us to transform into spies.” Put that way, science almost sounded fun. But I’d been in Coach’s class long enough not to get my hopes up.” ― Becca Fitzpatrick

11. “I must see new things and investigate them. I want to taste dark water and see crackling trees and wild winds.” ― Egon Schiele

12. “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” ― William Paley

13. “The fear of God is not the beginning of wisdom. The fear of God is the death of wisdom. Skepticism and doubt lead to study and investigation, and investigation is the beginning of wisdom.” ― Clarence Darrow

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