17 Best Invitation Messages For 1st Birthday

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Get a collection of invitation messages for 1st birthday.

Invitation messages for 1st birthday

1. After 12 months of being around our baby, we arrange a party for everyone on the occasion of his first birthday and shower our blessings on him.

2. As the cake will be dolled up, the stage will be set for the first cake cutting. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of such a wonderful memory? Please be on (date) at (place) and be a part of it.

3. Birthdays are great; First birthday is historic! That day and see our child cut the cake (date)

4. Delicious cakes and great food await you at our baby’s first birthday party! Drop in and make the celebration even better.

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5. Ever since (baby’s name) has come into our lives, life has been going on at a fast pace. She makes it worth living. Please come and attend her 1st birthday party (date)

6. Families make baby feel better, and you are invited to join the whole family to make the occasion of his first birthday even better.

7. From the bottom of our hearts, we invite you to be a part of the celebration of our baby’s first birthday.

8. His/her birthday is incomplete without your presence, and so we really want you and your entire family to be present on the date of his/her first birthday.

9. It is one of the most special days, and we want everyone to be a part of this joy. Let’s wish our babe her first birthday party together

10. Life cannot be happy if we do not share the moments with others. Let us come together for the first birthday party of our much loved son/daughter.

11. Nothing can be as special as a first birthday and that is why we ask you to come and make it more special for our baby.

12. On her first birthday bring no gifts but only your blessings! do come; We look forward to hosting you!

13. Our happiness is in (the name of the baby), and she is now one! Be a part of the celebration.

14. Seeing our baby taking baby steps and celebrating the first birthday of his life is nothing short of a miracle.

15. We can have the best times and memories when we are together. So calling you all on our son/daughter’s first birthday

16. We know that you love her very much and hence we cannot think of celebrating the first birthday without your presence. Come and make us happy.

17. Whatever has happened before in life, this first birthday moment definitely tops the list. Come and be a part of the joy (place) at (date and time)