18 Best Invitation Messages for Baby Shower

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Get a collection of invitation messages for baby shower.

Invitation Messages for Baby Shower

1. A baby is arriving on the sleigh, and you have been invited to her mother’s baby shower. Please come and help us celebrate.

2. A child is cooking. Bring your cup and attend the baby shower (date, time and place).

3. As we are preparing for a small flower, we cordially invite you to shower your precious blessings on your mother.

4. Dear princess is about to arrive, and we wonder what she’ll do when she doesn’t see anyone except you at her mom’s baby shower.

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5. I am asking you to join in the fun as we are celebrating our baby in his mother’s womb.

6. In the honor of being the mother of impending twins, you are invited to attend her lovely baby shower. Bring your love instead of a gift.

7. It is a boy this time and our adventure begins with love. Join us for the baby shower to make the fun of this adventure hilarious.

8. Join us in showering the most beautiful mother and her bundle of joy at (date and time) at (location). Let’s make this baby shower happy.

9. Let’s paint the prettiest mom with all things pink. Please attend the most happening baby shower in town.

10. Magic is all about fermenting with the arrival of our twins. Please join us in honoring our future twins.

11. Please join us for (mother’s name) baby shower as we celebrate her pregnancy journey and baby in the womb.

12. The biggest adventure of our life is about to begin. Please join us on this special occasion to welcome the arrival of our first child.

13. There’s no indication whether it’s a girl or a boy, but it’s a twin! Please double your enthusiasm in this moment of joy with a book instead of a card with us.

14. We’re downloading the twins, but before they arrive- you are invited to attend the delicious mommy baby shower to be had.

15. With happy smiles and blissful hearts, we look forward to taking the little chubby cutie in our arms. You have been invited to bless the mother and her upcoming princess.

16. With her heavenly smile and pleasant presence, she will make everything worthwhile! Our little princess is coming soon. Please join us to make baby shower a joyful one.

17. With tiny dreams, a tiny little boy has been sent from heaven. Join us to celebrate the joyous occasion of Baby Shower.

18. You (mother’s name) are invited to the baby shower to bless your baby before coming into this world.