14 Best Invitation Messages for Baptism

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Get a collection of invitation messages for baptism.

Invitation Messages for Baptism

1. It seems like our child was born just yesterday and now we are heading towards the day when he/she will get baptized. Your blessings along with your presence, are very much requested on this occasion.

2. Join the (family name) on the celebration of our little angle (baby’s name) on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue). Take care and drop by please.

3. No matter what has happened before in our life, the baptism ceremony of our only child will definitely top the list, and we very much want you to be an integral part of it.

4. On the joyous moment of our daughter’s baptism, we invite you to join her precious moment on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue). Hope to see you there.

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5. On this day we will be placing our child in Jesus Christ’s care forever and it would be our absolute pleasure if you can make it to this holy ceremony.

6. Our beautiful little angel is nothing short of a perfect blessing so we want her baptism to ge perfectly as well, for which your presence in the ceremony is greatly requested.

7. Please celebrate our son’s/daughter’s baptism ceremony along with the holy family of God’s child. We will be expecting you on this beloved ceremonial day.

8. Please join us for the baptism of (baby’s name) on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue) and make everything merrier and happier than ever.

9. Please join us in celebration for our daughter (name)’s baptism on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue). We look forward to having you at the house.

10. Since our child doesn’t have the best table manners so we thought you could help us on our son’s/daughter’s baptism ceremony. Our hearts will fill with joy if you can make it.

11. The day is finally when our lovely little dumpling is going to be baptized and will start his/her new life in the presence of God. Please be our guest as we celebrate this joyous occasion.

12. We are looking forward to your presence in our beloved daughter’s baptism. This would mean so much to us! Please come and bless our daughter on this holy moment.

13. We can’t deny that a child is a precious gift from heaven, and the baptism ceremony is God’s gift wrapping. So on this day, while we place our child into God’s arms, we want you by our side.

14. We invite you to share our joy and witness the joyous event as our child receives the sacrament of Holy Baptism. Your presence will surely be appreciated.