19 Best Invitation Messages for Birthday Celebration

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Get a collection of invitation messages for a birthday celebration.

Invitation Messages for Birthday Celebration

1. A birthday party has been arranged to celebrate my birthday on [date] under the supervision of my mom and dad. So, unless you’ve been hungry for three days, don’t join us.

2. Come and join us to wish our daughter a happy birthday. Be a part of such a tremendous celebration.

3. Grace the party with your presence, and don’t forget to bring me presents. Look forward only to gifts.

4. He’s just going to turn one on [date]. Please be there to wish our son a very happy birthday as we celebrate the first birthday of his life!

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5. Join the birthday party and make the night magical by showering us with your blessings.

6. Let us make the most of this __th birthday and live together, dear people. hope to see you.

7. My son needs lots of gifts from you on his birthday. So please be present at [time] on [date]. Don’t forget to bring your blessings too!

8. Please be a guest and let us enjoy the blissful time together making the birthday party one of a kind unique.

9. Please come to the birthday party, have fun and eat lots of cakes till he grows up.

10. The little angel outside is growing up so fast you won’t believe she’s turning [age] to [date]. We have decided to throw a party for her and she will be surprised to see you there. You are invited!

11. There will be all kinds of happiness and sweets in the celebration of our son. Come and have fun-filled time.

12. This is the most special day for me. As I was planning to have a grand birthday party at my residence, your name came first on the guest list. Please be my guest!

13. We are decorating our house for the birthday party to be held on [date]. You are invited to ruin it all and get out of it.

14. We are going to celebrate our daughter’s birthday with a big cake and lots of fun. You are cordially invited to be a part of this beautiful night.

15. We are going to have a great party at our residence on [date]. You, along with your family, are cordially invited to stay with us.

16. We look forward to having the night of our lives as we prepare ourselves for the grand celebration of the birthday of our dear [name]. We invite you to stay with us.

17. We look forward to hosting you on [date] as we celebrate the most special day for our son. Our son will be happy to see his favorite uncle raise a toast for him.

18. With great pleasure, we are inviting you to the most awaited birthday party of the year. Join us to share in our joy and give your blessings to our daughter.

19. You have been chosen to be our guest for our son’s special birthday celebration. Don’t forget the date and don’t deprive us of your magical presence!