17 Invitation Messages for Celebration of Life

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Get a collection of invitation messages for the celebration of life.

Invitation Messages for Celebration of Life

1. A beautiful life deserves to be celebrated in the most beautiful way. We hope that you (time, date, place) will join you in this celebration of life.

2. A precious soul named [name] is no longer with us. Let us celebrate his life in this world by gathering all those whose hearts he touched in his brief lifetime. Join us at [location] on [date]. Even if he doesn’t live, his memories will always be with us.

3. A wonderful life as [Name] deserves to be carried on even after He is gone and is not with us, and this can only happen through the beautiful memories of [Name] in our hearts. I want to ask you to join me in his memory at [place] on [date].

4. By sharing the loving memories of a loved one, we can keep them alive among us. Let us honor and celebrate the life that [name] shared with all of us. Let us share why [name] was so precious to us.

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5. Leave your grief at the door and join us for a memorable memorial service in loving memory of (name) at (date, time, place).

6. Our family invites you to leave your tears and tissues at the door and celebrate [name]’s life. Join us with their best [name] story at [date] at [time] [location] as we honor the legacy they have left behind. Food and drink will be arranged. Please text us at [phone number] by [date] if we’ll see you there.

7. Please join us as we celebrate our memories with your loved one (name) at (date, time and place). Your valuable presence will be appreciated.

8. Please join us as we celebrate the life of our beloved (name). His beautiful life needs to be remembered and honored in the most fascinating way.

9. Please join us in celebrating the loss of an unforgettable person, [name]. We know that He wants us not to dwell on the sorrows, but to remember the good. Keeping this in mind we are planning to organize this special event on [date] at [time] which will be at [location]. Put on his party clothes and let us say goodbye the way he wanted, by celebrating the night. To make sure there is enough room for all of us, please respond to this invitation at [phone number].

10. Please join us to celebrate the good life of our dear (name). Join us to remember your loved one and celebrate his memory.

11. The respect of your presence is requested as we gather (date, time, place) to remember our loved one.

12. To celebrate the [name’s] good life, we welcome you and your family to remember [name] together on [date] at [place] and [name]’s name and memories live among us Keep it

13. To honor his glorious memory, we invite the family and friends of (name) to visit (date, time and place). Please join us with your happiest memories with him at his favorite place.

14. We can only hope that the soul of [name] is marching towards heaven with each passing day. I sincerely ask you to join me in mourning [name] and pray for the well being of his soul and his family.

15. We have cried our tears and mourned our loss. Now let us relieve our grieving hearts by coming together to celebrate all the wonders of [name]. She definitely left an impact on all of us, and on [the date] at [time], we’ll meet at [place] to toast this remarkable woman. Light refreshments will be served. Please respond to [phone number] by [date] for catering purposes.

16. Wear your best outfits and join us to toast this beautiful soul who touched our lives in so many beautiful ways. Join us to remember (name) of (date, time and place).

17. Your presence is requested and welcomed as we gather on [date] at [time] at [place] to celebrate [name]’s life and remember [name] for that wonderful human being when he was alive.