17 Best Invitation Messages for Event

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Get a collection of invitation messages for the event.

Invitation messages for event

1. After a stressful week at work, it’s time to take a rest day or two. So please attend a golfing event hosted by our business representatives at (location) on (date).

2. Appreciating your hard work, the company invites you to participate in the exciting new sporting event organized by our own (company name). The vent is on (date and location).

3. As before, our company will need your full support for the upcoming event of CHW Start-up meeting. Bless us with your presence on (date). The event is at (location).

4. As our company celebrates the launch of our new app on (date), we would like to humbly request the honor of your presence at the event held at (location).

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5. I am relieved and honored to invite our key customers for sale at an upcoming golfing/corporate event. Please get there fast on (date, time and place).

6. I hope you will grace the event with your presence at (date and venue) in honor of all the inspiring personalities who have made the company a huge success.

7. It gives us great pleasure to invite skilled personality like you to our small business event organized at (location). We will expect your presence on (date).

8. It will be an honor to have you as our guest speaker at the Mangers Retreat event organized by (Name of the Company). Please grace the event with your presence on (date and venue).

9. Our company has come a long way since its inception and to celebrate our small achievement, we are planning an event on (date) at (location). Please come and celebrate with us.

10. Our company is planning to join hands with (name of the company) in the upcoming event to be held on (date and location). Your presence in the program will be highly appreciated.

11. We are delighted to invite you and Mrs. to the Child Welfare Fundraising Event at The Oberoi Trident on (date). Your presence and support will mean a lot to us.

12. We ask you to join us on the company’s new brand launch. We will be glad to have you and your guest at the event.

13. With pleasure, we (company name) would like to invite you to our cooperation event with (company name). Please be there (date and location).

14. You and Missus are cordially invited to attend our company’s 26th World Vision Charity Event (date) at wonderful (location).

15. You and Mrs. are cordially invited to attend the dinner reception at (Name) Fundraiser to Benefit from the Crisis of Climate Change. The event is held at (place) on (date).

16. You have been selected to lead the team building program organized at our office premises. You and your colleagues are cordially invited to (date) the session.

17. Your presence is requested to attend the Annual Seminar organized by (Name of the Company) Industries on (date). We look forward to seeing you at the event at (the venue).