16 Invitation Messages for Griha Pravesh

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Get a collection of invitation messages for griha pravesh.

Invitation Messages for Griha Pravesh

1. A house doesn’t look like itself until it has the sound of laughter of happiness. Please come to our housewarming party tonight and help us make our new home a lovely home.

2. A vintage-style scroll invitation for house warming is something that remains evergreen.

3. Come to shower your blessings on me and my family as we celebrate our new home and new life. You are invited to our Griha Pravesh Ceremony!

4. Hardly expected that I would invite you to my house, to my housewarming party! Yes, I did it. Without your guidance and support, I would never have been able to do this. Please attend the housewarming party and stay there till dinner.

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5. Hello dear people, We cordially invite you on the occasion of Griha Pravesh. We are going to move to a new house on [date]. Please bless our new home with your gracious presence. So come and join us for puja and dinner.

6. It has been a tough journey, but in the end, it is worth it. Because we’ve finally found a place to call my sweet home! You are wholeheartedly invited to my housewarming party! Your presence will be important to us.

7. Metallic shades add a royal touch and are in fashion. Metallic touches, especially the rose gold color, can add a level of sophistication to home entry invitation cards. Use gold foil to add a hint of glamor and luxury appeal to House Warming invitation cards.

8. Pop-up home entry invitations are in trend now. Design a customized card with family pictures or real images of your new abode.

9. The house is open, the tables are up. Your auspicious presence is the wall we have been waiting for. So be present with your family in our housewarming party this evening.

10. We are going to shift to a new house on [date] but this time we are calling it home. We have arranged for home pravesh puja and housewarming party with dinner. Please visit with all your family members.

11. We are happy to inform you that, finally, we have moved into our own nest, and you are warmly invited to attend the little housewarming party we held tonight. Please come with your family and enjoy dinner, wine and some good music.

12. We cordially invite you to share your happiness as we take the first steps into our new home, a world of our own.

13. We have decided to organize a grand housewarming party as our long cherished dream of owning a house has come true. You are cordially invited to our home entry ceremony! Please come along with your family members and bless us for a new beginning in our life.

14. We want the warmth of our friends and relatives and the mouth-watering aroma of good food to fill our new space. That is why we are delighted to invite you and your family to our housewarming party this evening.

15. Whether you come and go or come and stay, we would love to see you either way. Please join our Griha Pravesh ceremony this evening as we look forward to your auspicious presence in our new home.

16. You are requested to take some time out of your busy schedule and bless us with your presence on [Date] as we celebrate the joy of owning a new home. So all of you must come with your family members.