18 Best Invitation Messages for Meeting

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Get a collection of invitation messages for meeting.

Invitation Messages for meeting

1. All you wonderful people have done such a great job in the last year. That is why this meeting has been organized. You are expected to come.

2. Dear (Name of the Employee), you are being invited to a periodic staff meeting held on (date) in the office premises. We look forward to your company.

3. Dear Employee, You are cordially invited to the sales meeting organized by our Chairman at (location). Your presence is expected on (date).

4. Dear Fellow Employee, You will be pleased to know that our General Annual Meeting will be held in London on (date). We look forward to your presence at the meeting.

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5. In the meeting (date), we will discuss strategies for our new product launch. Your presence is requested for the meeting held at (location).

6. It is that time of the year when we will meet where we will discuss the aspects that could have been better. Please be there (date and location).

7. On behalf of (Name of the Company), it gives me immense pleasure to invite you to the Annual Business and Entrepreneurship Meeting held on (date and venue).

8. Our company greatly appreciates your ideas and input regarding the betterment of the company. Your presence is therefore requested for the meeting held on (date and venue).

9. Our company has held a problem-solving meeting on (date) just before the launch of our company’s news magazine. Please be there (place).

10. Our company is planning a meeting to (date) just before the holidays to discuss our strategies for the new year. Your presence will be greatly appreciated.

11. Our company’s once a year meeting is always useful. You are being invited to another meeting to be held in the auditorium this Wednesday.

12. Please join us for the meeting held on (date and venue). Our company can benefit from your insights on some very important issues.

13. The HR of the company has announced an important meeting for business establishments. Please do come.

14. The top pharmaceutical company has invited all of us for a meeting to discuss various new perspectives in the medical industry. Your presence is mandatory.

15. We (company name) would like to request you to attend a business meeting on (date). We will be glad to have you as one of the guest members.

16. We are going to have a meeting on (date) regarding the upcoming sporting event which is being sponsored by us. Please be there for a detailed discussion.

17. You and your top managers working under you are being invited to this year’s solar panel discussion meeting on (date) at (location).

18. You wonderful and hardworking people have done a great job in the last one year or so. So (name of company) has arranged a meeting to say thanks to (date) all the employees.